Whether it's reading period or just a regular day on campus, these spots are sure to satisfy both your caffeine and ambiance needs. In fact, there is even scientific proof that we should be studying at coffee shops. If you are sick of the LamCaf coffee and vending machine snacks or just want to get out of the scarily quiet (and not to mention intimidating) rooms of Widener, I've compiled a list of the best coffee shops for studying in Cambridge and around Harvard's campus:

1. Jenny's Cafe

Located in the Harvard Art Museums, Jenny's Cafe is the perfectly-placed study spot that is always well-heated (pro tip for the colder months). Ever have writers' block? Take a walk around the museum for some inspiration or simply look above you at the glass ceiling connecting both old and new structures. I highly suggest their yogurt with fresh berries or a latte (both hot and cold). Plus, their baristas are always smiling and more-than-happy to help!

Bathroom: Yes

Best Spot: near the pillars 

32 Quincy St, Cambridge, MA 02138

(located in the courtyard of the museum) 

M-Su: 10am-4pm

2. Tatte Bakery & Café

For an aesthetically-pleasing study session with built-in study breaks to take pictures of your food, walk 1 min to Tatte, but make sure to grab a table next to the outlets (as they are sparse) or a chair at the coffee bar upstairs where you don't even have to get up to order more coffee!

With the extra-late hours, this is the perfect spot for a late night shot of espresso before pulling an all-nighter. Pro tip: On Fri, Sat, and Sun, brunch is served all day, so you can sleep in and still get your Shakshuka! (If you don't know what that is, you are seriously missing out.) 

Bathroom: Yes (upstairs one hidden in the back corner!) Side note: these bathrooms are bigger than my entire dorm itself so if you ever just need a moment to yourself to just be/exist/look in the mirror without judgement/whatever your heart desires this is the place to be!

Best Spot: Upstairs in the far corner with booth seating 

1288 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 0213

M–F: 7am–9pm

Sa: 8am–9pmSu: 8am–7pm

3. Crema Cafe 

With a large variety of breakfast and lunch choices on top of delicious coffee and tea, Crema is sure to have something up your alley. Pro tip: they run out of bagels quickly after the morning rush, so make sure not to sleep in too late if you are craving one (which is exactly what I did and highly recommend you do not do). They have THE BEST banana bread and brownies, and I will testify to that. I have even had one of their brownies for breakfast, and I did not regret it. 

Bathroom: Yes

Best Spot: Upstairs table closest to railing

27 Brattle St, Cambridge, MA 02138

M-F: 7am–9pm

Sa-Su: 8am–9pm

4. Darwin's Ltd. 

More than just a coffee shop, Darwin's is STACKED with sandwiches galore, each one better than the next. They also have two locations, both with tons of seating that includes comfy couches, to satisfy all your needs. I usually go to the one on Mount Auburn St. because it seems to have a chiller vibe and features a mini grocery store with fresh veggies and fruits. They also have a website, so you can order in advance to pick up on your way to class or to just sit down and get right to work.

Bathroom: Yes

Best Spot: Table by the window! Or a comfy armchair

148 Mt Auburn St, Cambridge, MA 02138 

1629 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02138

M-Sa: 6:30am–9pm

Su: 7pm–9pm

5. Flour

A little bit more than a coffee spot, Flour offers a full variety of breakfast and lunch options in addition to a full bakery of pastries. Check out their website where you can ever order in advance and have your coffee waiting for you (which might help motivate you to get out of bed).

Bathroom: Yes

Best Spot: for group study grab the big communal table

114 Mt Auburn St, Cambridge, MA 02138

M-F: 6:30am–8pm

Sa: 6am–8pmSu: 8am–5pm

6. Broadsheet Coffee Roasters  

If you are willing to make the walk, this is the place to be. With a perfect ~soho vibe,~ you are sure to get your share of small batch roasts and dope company. And for endless inspiration, especially during the warmer months, grab a table outside! 

Bathroom: Yes

Best Spot: in front of window or outside in warm months

100 Kirkland St, Cambridge, MA 02138

M-T: 7pm–4pm

W-F: 7pm–5pmSa-Su: 8am-5pm

Of course there are tons of options, but this is just the short-list of my personal favorites to help you decide where to get your sh*t done without procrastinating on yet another decision you have to make. For those who enjoy working in bed, here is a helpful list of 8 Takeout and Delivery Spots Near Harvard.

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