The library can quickly feel stuffy and constricting, especially over long periods of studying when it becomes filled to capacity. Finals, midterms, and just plain old Wednesdays can already feel stressful enough without the anxious-filled atmosphere.

Coffee shops, however, offer a fresh new change of pace for anyone looking to get some work done and maybe also oh, I don't know, enjoy the day? Push away the dreary library cubicles and all the nightmares that come with them and enjoy the sunshine because science says coffee shops are the best places to study in.

Not all coffee shops in St. Louis are to be treated the same, though. While some are great for sipping and catching up with friends, others are preferred when setting up camp for a couple of hours. Wifi quality, varied seating, and outlets are some qualities that make coffee shops ideal to study at. The ones listed here have at least one, if not all of these accommodations. 

So take a gander at these options, or go out and explore your own corner coffee shop and let us know about it. Either way, get out of the library and stop and smell the coffee.

1. Northwest Coffee Roasting Company

The open front yard and scattered artwork turn this location into a utopia separated from the city life. On a nice enough day, the garage doors will be open and coffeehouse and outdoors flow into one. The playlist is always on point and setting up shop for the day with your laptop is encouraged.

2. Rise Coffee House

Coziness is an understatement for Rise. The eclectic furniture and decorations seem like they were always meant to be showcased in the same room and better yet enjoyed by you with a steaming mug of success. Moving to a bigger space next door means more seating for your sweet tush and a full menu.

3. Gelateria del Leone

No, this place wasn't picked because they have gelato, but it is a perk. The extra seating offered in the rooms upstairs are ideal for anybody looking to be productive and secluded for a couple of hours. And yes, you should treat yourself to a scoop (or three).

4. MoKaBe's Coffeehouse

There is plenty of seating and plenty to look at throughout this buzzing coffeehouse. There is a full menu and a vegetarian brunch on Sundays for anybody who forgets to pack snacks when they study. Forward-thinking bumper stickers are stuck behind the coffee bar "where food meets great conversation."

5. Sump Coffee

Easily one of the most first-rate coffee shops in the city. The bearded-skull logo on the window may come off a little intimidating but take a step inside and the calming space is anything but. Their respect and dedication for coffee is obvious and that same driven attitude just may rub off into your studies — that's how it works, right?

6. Comet Coffee

What sets Comet aside from other coffeehouses are their homemade pastries and goodies. The moment I walk out of the cafe, I dream about when I can go back to order another bear claw. Be sure to show up early if you want to get a table on a weekend morning.

7. Living Room Coffee and Kitchen

The space is small but mighty, and the menu is even stronger. Aside from coffee, the Living Room offers a wide selection of food featuring breads that are baked in-house. I go for the simple toast and egg when I need some extra fuel for a long day of studying. 

8. Park Avenue Coffee

For any people looking to transition away from Starbucks, this is the place for you. The feel inside is similar — cozy and busy. The coffee is plenty more impressive and the goodies are baked in house. Word on the street is they have a pretty mean gooey butter cake, need I say more?

9. Meshuggah Cafe 

On any given day Meshuggah is busy and bustling, but it never feels over crowded. There are plenty of tables to choose from and entertaining people watching looking out onto Delmar Blvd. The full menu includes hummus plates, sandwiches, salads, and falafel — just check out that pretty little number featured in the photo above.

I hope this list helps finding that sweet spot that not only has solid coffee but preferred studying options for you and your friends (as long as they don't distract you). Now get out there and get all up in that productive and caffeinated atmosphere.