Almost every college student knows the feeling: you’re in your room, hard at work on your latest assignment (or scrolling through Facebook… shoutout to all the procrastinators), and then it hits you. An intense, all-consuming hunger. You run to your mini fridge in a ravenous frenzy, only to find the contents bare.

That’s where delivery services like GrubHub come in. Whether you’re in your bed, in the library, or literally anywhere else on campus, all of your favorite foods are just a click away.

For all those who are new to the world of takeout and delivery, I’ve compiled a list of the 8 go-to spots for the student who just doesn’t have time to trek to the dhall, or would rather not have to leave their room mid-essay to grab some grub.

So, find your phones and get ready to order in (or takeout).




Photo by Jessica Kelly

A classic staple for the Harvard undergrad, Insomnia cookies are just the thing to help you get through that all-nighter.

Whether you’re craving a fresh out of the oven snickerdoodle, or a melt in your mouth double chocolate chip, these cookies are sure to give you the perfect sugar boost to get through that essay. Check out their website for delivery options (they even let you add milk to your order!).



Photo courtesy of OTTO Pizza

Boy, pizza never looked so creative. While OTTO has the classic cheesy slices we all know and love, they are definitely known around campus for their crazy creations like Butternut Squash/Ricotta/Cranberry and Roasted Chicken/Caramelized Pears/Fontina Cheese.

Stop by on your way to class and grab a fresh slice, or better yet log onto their website and order a pie for you and some friends (or just you, I won’t judge).

Bon Chon Cambridge 


Photo by Daniel Ang

Korean fried chicken wings. Yeah, you read that right. Bon Chon is known around campus as the go-to place for wings with a surprisingly addicting Asian flavor.

Besides the super crispy, unbelievably juicy wings, Bon Chon also offers a wide array of traditional Korean dishes. So, whether you’re into classic Asian cuisine like the Classic Bimbim Bap or a more experimental combination of cultures (seriously, the wings will blow your mind), call up Bon Chon and order in for your next meal.



Photo by Isabel Wagner

Perhaps the most underrated spot on the list, Spice is one of Harvard Square’s best kept secrets. They somehow manage to pack all that authentic Thai flavor into to-go boxes that have gotten me through more late nights than I would like to admit.

For all you Spice newbies, head over to their website now and give the Pad Thai or Drunken Noodles a try. You can thank me later.

Punjab Palace


Photo courtesy of Punjab Palace

With a reputation for being one of the most speedy delivery spots in Cambridge, Punjab Palace never disappoints. They have a wide selection of mouthwatering classic Indian dishes that will satisfy both vegetarians and meat-lovers alike.

Fan favorites include the Chicken Tikka Masala (tender chicken cooked in tomatoes and a creamy sauce) and the Vegetable Samosas (pastries filled with peas and potatoes).




Photo by Isabel Wagner

For anyone who finds themselves craving delicious kale and grain bowls, you’ve found your place. B.Good’s famous bowls are filled to the brim with leafy greens and everything else you can imagine, from avocado to bacon to mint-yogurt sauce (crazy, I know).

B.Good not only provides portable bowls, but also grab-and-go smoothies and shakes.

Market in the Square


Photo by Isabel Wagner

Market has everything. Seriously. Whether you’re craving some superb sushi, a mouth-watering wrap or sandwich, or just about any type of snack out there, Market has it.

With a super friendly and speedy fast staff, you can be in and out of Market with your wrapped and ready to go meal in under 5 minutes. Think of it as a kind of express stop for the hungry college student who likes to keep their options open.



Photo by Heather Harris

Ahh, Chipotle. Whenever you find yourself craving fresh, flavorful Mexican food for a steal, nothing beats the tried and true classic.

Now that they’re offering delivery, you can get your favorite bowl or burrito delivered right to your dorm. In fact, Chipotle was the overwhelming favorite of almost every student I talked to. Guess us Harvard kids can’t get enough guac in our lives (even if it does cost extra).