Cramming for midterms and can't deal with the stressful vibes at the campus library? Can't find a spot to study on any floor of FSS? Want to treat yourself to a good cup of coffee? Ottawa is a city with many great coffee shops to explore. This coffee guide shares the perfect places for all you coffee lovers out there. Here are 10 coffee shops in Ottawa to get some studying done and your caffeine fix all in one shot.

1. The Ministry of Coffee

The Ministry of Coffee is a 15-minute walk from campus over on Elgin Street. Surrounded by the hip stores on Elgin, this location is simple and cozy for long days of studying or coffee dates with friends. The menu is EGGcelent with several types of breakfast sandwiches, coffees, and teas. You can even bring your own mug to save 25 cents on your purchase. (Highly recommend as it is my favourite coffee shop in Ottawa.)

2. Origin Trade

Origin Trade is located in the Byward market on York Street. A hidden gem that is unique and offers a hip atmosphere. Several art pieces and cool playlists make for a studying oasis. With its friendly staff, amazing food and wide variety of hot beverages, Origin Trade guarantees an excellent experience. 

#SpoonTip: The hot chocolate is amazing!

3. Tea Store

Reaching out to all you tea lovers, Tea Store is the place for you! Located in the heart of the Byward Market, this unique place offers an endless list of teas perfect for everyone. Their tea wall contains many jars of loose leaf tea varying from black tea, to green tea, rooibos tea, and many more. Grab a seat on the couch or at a table with an affordable cup or a pot of tea. It's the perfect environment for that study grind.

4. Bluebird Cafe 

Bluebird Coffee Shop is a short walk from campus, located on Dalhousie Street. This place is always busy creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. There are many tables and several outlets that are perfect to accommodate students. Excellent coffee and great service makes for a good place to check out, definitely one of the top coffee shops in Ottawa. 

5. Black Squirrel Book & Espresso Bar

This place is a bit more of a hike away from campus, as it is located on Bank Street near TD place. Grab the 7 or the 1 using your bus pass or on a nice day, walk along the canal to get to this unique spot. It is definitely worth it!

This is a hybrid between a coffee shop and a used book store; you've probably never been to a place like this. The coffee and books are worth the trek as it is one of the most unique coffee shops in Ottawa.   

#SpoonTip: A great study break is taking a peek through the antique books on the walls

6. Planet Coffee

Planet Coffee is a cute little coffee shop in Ottawa hidden in the courtyard of the Byward Market. It's a quiet coffee shop offering many tasty goods in a great location to catch up on readings, or to treat yourself to a nice cup of coffee. It's cash only and doesn't have Wi-Fi which is a great way to stay off Facebook, and really get some work done.

7. Café qui pense

Café qui pense is located down Main Street, near Lees Campus. It has great service and wonderful coffees. This small cafe gives off good vibes to make the best out of any day of the week (even Mondays).

The only downside of this coffee shop is the lack of Wi-Fi. Regardless, this location is great to catch up on readings and do some offline studying. But hey! We all could use a Wi-Fi break to step away from all those memes and to get some procrastination-free studying done. This could be perfect for you and it's one of the best coffee shops in Ottawa. 

8. Equator Coffee

Take a ride on the OC Transpo to Westboro to one of the most Insta-worthy coffee signs located at Equator Coffee Shop. This spot is very hip with its minimalistic decor and famous coffee sign. Their coffee is locally roasted, sustainably sourced, organic, and simply delicious. They also offer a variety of vegan options which is super cool. Did you really go to this awesome coffee shop in Ottawa if you didn't take an Insta pic? 

9. Tea Party 

Tea Party is seconds away from the heart of the Byward Market on York Street. It is a very laid back place to study alone or with friends, and offers a wide variety of different teas. The unique atmosphere is created by the Alice In Wonderland theme around the entire shop, and they have nutritious and delicious breakfasts to accompany that cup of tea or coffee. 

10. Happy Goat Coffee Company

The Happy Goat Coffee Company is a gem of a coffee shop, with two locations in Ottawa. The original shop is located on Laurel Street and the new shop is located in Sandy Hill on Wilbrod Street. With its cozy decor, awesome coffee, and homemade baked goods, you don't want to miss out on this awesome spot.

They have their own organic, roasted coffee that is sold in many places in Ottawa such as The Tea Party (mentioned above), Herb and Spice, Thyme and Again, and many more. Why not give it a try?

No matter where you end up, Ottawa has many coffee shops to get your daily dose of caffeine and get your studying done all in one trip. So quit procrastinating and go explore one of the many brewtiful coffee shops in Canada's capital. Always remember that a bit of positivitea can bring you a long way!