As the saying goes, "breakfast is the most important meal of the day". Anyone who has ever experienced brunch will disagree with this statement. Brunch seems all that more important than breakfast as it allows you to sleep in and get not only a hearty meal that will keep you full and focused until lunch, but it also allows you to get a trendy meal.

The best way to celebrate brunch in New York City is with one of the amazing brunch spots below!

1. Jacob's Pickles

Jacob's Pickles is unique because it allows its patrons to gain a brunch experience that is difficult to find in NYC - a Southern style brunch. This includes the amazing chicken and waffles, as well as the most decadent biscuits around. They also offer brunch favorites such as various egg dishes and pancakes.

2. Sarabeth's

Sarabeth's is the perfect place for a classic NYC brunch. Every New Yorker knows that if you are looking for eggs benedict, omelets, or hearty oatmeal, Sarabeth's is the place for you. The second you sit down you're sure to feel as if you are on the set of Gossip Girl. They also offer tasty jams and jellies for their various pastries made in house.

3. The Butcher's Daughter

You may recognize many of the dishes from The Butcher's Daughter from Instagram. They offer healthier brunch options with many menu items featuring gluten-free and vegan ingredients. Additionally, The Butcher's Daughter has a whole section of their menu dedicated to juices and smoothies making it the perfect place to stop post-Soul Cycle.

4. Jack's Wife Freda

Jack's Wife Freda combines American brunch dishes with Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern flavors. They not only offer beloved brunch classics such as yogurt parfaits and waffles, but they also offer shakshuka and haloumi. The result is a once in a lifetime brunch experience that you'll be sure to remember.

5. Sadelle's

Sadelle's offers a Jewish deli style brunch with bagels, lox, and all of the fixings. Make sure to bring all of your friends so that you can be sure to enjoy the classic Sadelle's Tower. This favorite includes various salads that pair perfectly with bagels. The "Tower" ensures that you can try all that this brunch spot offers all while getting the perfect Instagram.

6. Beauty and Essex

Beauty and Essex puts a unique spin on classic brunch favorites such as avocado toast, pancakes, and waffles. New aspects added to these dishes such as lemon, poppyseed, and red velvet respectively create new flavors that you will be sure to love.

7. Russ and Daughters

The Jewish Museum on the Upper East Side features a brunch spot that you simply cannot miss. Russ and Daughters offers classic Jewish and Yiddish comfort foods such as bagels, knishes, and potato latkes. You cannot miss Russ and Daughters if your NYC adventures bring you anywhere near the Museum Mile.

Wherever you are in NYC, chances are you're in close proximity to one of the cannot miss brunch spots above. You might as well use this winter break to do a little exploring in the city and even more eating! You won't be disappointed.