Epcot's International Festival of the Arts has once again began for its nearly month long celebration. From January 18th through February 25th, guests can experience art in numerous forms  from visual to culinary. Not only can guests can enjoy performances from famous Broadway stars at the Disney on Broadway Concert Series, but they can also delve into delicious dishes and desserts inspired by different parts of the world. 

Here are the top five desserts created for the Festival of the Arts that will not only have your mouth watering, but might make you want to become the next Picasso.

1. Paintbrush Churros

Churro's are a very popular treat at Walt Disney World among guests for their sweet flavor and crunch. These paintbrush churros are the perfect way to combine the arts with food in a delicious and colorful way. These cinnamon sugar churros are dipped in colorful white chocolate to create images of paintbrushes. This snack can be found at Taste Track for only $6.25 and is eligible as a snack on the Disney Dining Plan.

2. Artist Palette Chocolate Chip Cookie

The artists palette jumbo chocolate chip cookie has been at Festival of the Arts since its beginning. This cookie is designed to look like a painting palette and even comes with a tiny paint brush to create your own masterpiece. The cookie costs $5.50 and can be found at The Artist's Table and Cuisine Classique. 

3. Popt'Art

This Pop't Art does not differ from the classic Pop-Tart in taste or texture, but it does in its design. This vanilla sugar cookie with strawberry filling is decorated to look like an abstract piece of artwork. Each cookie is designed a bit differently making each one unique. The Popt' Art can be found at The Painter's Palate and Pop Eats for $4.50.

4. Seasonal Cake

This Festival of the Arts offering can be found at Sunshine Seasons located in The Land pavilion. This dessert is composed of yellow cake with peanut butter buttercream filling. The cake is decorated with a fondant paint brush and paint palette providing an artistic flare. While the dessert itself may not be out of the ordinary, the presentation and decoration definitely makes it worth trying.

5. White Chocolate Figment Puzzle

This white chocolate Figment puzzle takes dessert to the next level. This item gives guests the opportunity to decorate their own Figment puzzle using multi-colored icing and sprinkles. While this activity may be more enjoyable for children, the white chocolate itself is delicious all ages. This puzzle can be found at The Painter's Palate for $6.50 and counts as a snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan. 

Overall Thoughts

Epcot's International Festival of the Arts is perfect for those of all ages to come together and celebrate the arts. From chalk drawings and art classes to food and wine offerings, Festival of the Arts has something everyone can enjoy. Make sure you pick up a passport and a times guide when you get to Epcot to see the other opportunities that this wonderful festival has to offer. While this may be Epcot's newest festival, it sure is one of the best ones!