Cookies are a delicious treat that has been part of many of our lives since childhood. From the classic chocolate chip cookie to snickerdoodle, there is a cookie for every palate. We all know that the best part of a cookie is the raw dough and Kristen Tomlan has changed the food industry with the opening of Cookie Dō in New York City.

Tomlan’s inspiration for Cookie Dō came from a trip she took with her girlfriends to Philadelphia where she went to a cookie shop, but was craving the raw cookie dough that could not be found at an ordinary shop. It was from this experience, that Tomlan decided to open up her own shop in New York City where people of all ages could eat the best part of a cookie without having to worry about getting sick.

Happy Birthday Cookie Dō

Cookie Dō opened in New York City on LaGuardia Place last year on January 25th. Yesterday marked the shop’s 1 year anniversary and as a gift to all of their sweet customers, they gave away a free cups of cookie dough with the purchase of an item in-store. 

Tomlan told Spoon University:

“This past year has been sweeter than we ever could have imagined. We couldn't be more thankful for the best team, the most loyal fans and our amazing customers that traveled from near and far to experience our dream come true. We are so excited for this upcoming year, as we focus on expansion, continued success and bringing more smiles to more faces through our shared love of all things cookie dough! We're so happy to have had Spoon University supporting us along this crazy ride since the very beginning!" 

Munchie Madness

The flavor of cookie dough that they will be giving out is called Munchie Madness which consists of Signature Dough, Marshmallow Fluff, M&M’s, and Chocolate Covered Potato Chips. This sounds like the perfect flavor for someone who likes something both sweet and salty!


Cookie Dō is also home to over 13 flavors with different flavors being created every month and season. Some of the flavors include signature chocolate chip, sugar cookie, brookie dough, oatmeal M&M, commando, chocolate dream, fluffernutter, salty & sweet, heavenly, nuts for nuts, confetti, gimme s’more, and peanut butter snickerdoodle.

My personal favorites are heavenly and salty & sweet because they are made of a few of my favorite dessert ingredients like caramel, Nutella, and chocolate.

The January seasonal favorites that you can try include cookie butter puppy show, cake batter, and strawberry cheesecake. These flavors are a must-try and won’t be around long, so make sure you make the trip to NYC to try them before they are gone!

The price range for the cookie dough varies based upon how many scoops you want with 1 scoop costing $4, 2 scoops costing $7, and 3 scoops costing $9. I would recommend starting off with one scoop and then every time you visit gradually increasing your size because since the dough is so sweet it is hard to eat a lot of it in one sitting.

The great thing about this cookie dough is if you can’t find the power to eat all of it raw, you can freeze or refrigerate it and bake it when you get home.

Sweet Treats

In addition to the cookie dough you can order, Cookie Dō also sells other sweet treats including cookie dough milkshakes, cookies, banana nut bars, cookie dough fudge, brookies, stuffed cupcakes, blondies, and cookie cakes.

Visit Cookie Dō

If you want to visit this shop you have seen all over Instagram and Twitter, I highly recommend taking a visit at least once because it is a shop unique to New York City and is unlike anything I have ever experienced before. 

Fellow Spoon University writer Tara Conklin from Hofstra University waited 2 hours to get into Cookie Dō and you can read about her experience here.

Cookie Dō is located at 550 LAGUARDIA PLACE, NY, NY, 10012. For more information about Cookie Do, you can check out their website.

Now stop reading this article and go get yourself some cookie dough!