I am one of the many millennials who love the trendy rose gold color. People have rose gold hair, clothing, nail polish, and even kitchen utensils, but I never thought I would come across a rose gold cupcake.

While I was walking around Walt Disney World on my most recent vacation, I saw a rose gold cupcake sitting on one of the shelves of Sunshine Seasons in Epcot and I lost it. I overheard a cast member working at the station describing to the family next to me that it had Nutella in it too. I immediately knew I had to try it.

Flavor Profile

The cupcake has a vanilla base mixed with Nutella swirls and is topped with buttercream, fondant ears and a bow, edible rose gold glitter, and chocolate pearls. Upon taking my first bite, I was in dessert heaven with the combination of frosting and vanilla mixed with Nutella. The cupcakes at Walt Disney World are usually pretty tasty, but the Nutella made all of the difference. There is A LOT of frosting on this cupcake, which could make it a little too sweet for some, but for me it enhanced the overall taste since I love frosting. 

The chocolate pearls were a nice touch to the cupcake adding a slight crunch and the fondant was probably my favorite part to eat just because it was in the shape of Minnie ears. 

If you love rose gold and have a big sweet tooth, I would definitely recommend trying this cupcake next time you visit Walt Disney World. 

Where To Get It

This Rose Gold Minnie Ear cupcake can be found at Epcot in Sunshine Seasons. Sunshine Seasons is one of my favorite Quick Service locations at the Walt Disney World resort because a majority of the food served comes from what is grown at Epcot, which you can actually see for yourself on the ride Living With The Land.

The cupcake costs $5.85, but is worth every penny for the taste and for the Instagram photo you can get, too. I think this cupcake might become a more permanent item on the dessert menu at several other of the Quick Service Locations at Walt Disney World, because with its taste and presentation, people could not get enough of it from what I could see. 

Rose Gold Disney Clothing

Now that you know where you can get a rose gold cupcake, Disney also sells rose gold spirit jersey's and ears that you can buy, too. This would make the absolute perfect Instagram picture and would let others know who is boss. 

You can find the rose gold spirit jersey's in many locations at WDW, especially at Disney Springs because there tends to be more items in stock down at Disney Springs than in the parks.The rose gold ears on the other hand are hard to come across since they sold out immediately, but if you spot a pair while walking around WDW, you will be viewed as rose gold royalty.