Nutella - the hazelnut spread that brings smiles to everyone in an instant. It's so popular that there's even a Nutella Bar in New York. While all of the Nutella snacks on their menu might sound incredible, there are other places that sell even better Nutella snacks.

1. Mini Nutella Calzone From Krispy Pizza

Calzones are a staple in most Italian food places. Regardless of what's put in them, they're always super warm - and this Nutella calzone isn't the exception. It kind of tastes similar to the best cannoli ever, except it's warmed up and has Nutella oozing out of it and is topped with powdered sugar. 

2. Nutella Cream Cheese on a Rainbow Bagel From The Bagel Store

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Max Bartick

The infamous rainbow bagel from The Bagel Shop in Brooklyn is a colorful and slightly sweet tasting bagel on its own. Add Nutella to the mix and you have a sweet and chocolate-y combo that might seem strange at first, but is very bold and tastes absolutely amazing. 

3. Nutella Pizza From Rizzo's Fine Pizza Co.

Not only is pizza a New York staple and almost everyone else's best friend when all else fails, but it's also one of the most versatile foods out there. Add Nutella to the mix and you have a creamy chocolate pizza. In theory, it sounds amazing. In reality, it is amazing. 

4. Nutella Donut From Dough

When broken down, the word "donut" can be translated into do nut, and then into do not. Now that you have the term "do not", you do not want to forget about Dough's Nutella donut. It's basically a sugar powdered donut with Nutella stuffed in it. While it does get messy easily, it's one of the sweetest and best donuts that I've ever had. 

5. Pretzel With Nutella Spread From Sigmund's Pretzels

There's just something special about having a nice, soft, warm pretzel with Nutella on the side. Maybe softness and Nutella are just meant to go with one another.