Bagels are a New Yorker's best friend and a popular food worldwide. For starters, everyone should know that no two bagels aren't the same. They're sensitive - call them the same and they might just fight you. Some are plain, some are everything, some are poppy seed, and some are rainbow... and that's where The Bagel Store comes in.

In terms of bagels...

The Bagel Store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is responsible for the now viral rainbow bagel. Besides being an edible food product, most people tend to "do it for the 'gram" and then eat it. What most people don't know is that The Bagel Store also sells their version of a unicorn bagel.

Another bagel that is sold at this popular Brooklyn bagel shop is the Galaxy bagel, which I have to say is pretty unique and clever on The Bagel Shop's end.

In terms of cream cheese...

The Bagel Store has an array of cream cheese flavors to select from, which helps set them apart from other bagel shops. While their birthday cake AKA funfetti cream cheese is their most popular and is often paired with the rainbow bagel, some of their other cream cheeses include Nutella, pumpkin pie, cannoli, strawberry, and chipotle.

Regardless of which spread you end up putting on your bagel, make sure to get your bagel toasted. Doing so will help bring the flavor of both the bagel and the spread to the next level.  

Keep in mind when going to The Bagel Store, you must pay in cash. Either have it on hand when you head out, go to your bank's ATM, or use the ATM in the back of The Bagel Store. Another thing to keep in mind is that they don't accept bills that are larger than a $20 - so don't try it.

What I've tried...

When I've gone to The Bagel Store, I have had their Nutella and Funfetti cream cheese spreads on their Rainbow BAEgoals (ha). The actual bagels have a light, sweet taste to them. On the other hand, the Nutella cream cheese tastes like straight-up Nutella while the Funfetti cream cheese tastes more like eating a container of sprinkles. Whichever you choose, they're all absolutely amazing and just want to be loved.

Whatever you do in Brooklyn, stopping by The Bagel Store is a MUST. The popular bagels that are made out of rainbows are definitely worth the hype and are worth much more than just another pretty Instagram photo.