Six years ago, Sukhi was a fantasy made reality for a dreamer family in Panama. In March 2011, it opened its doors to the city's hungry inhabitants– offering scrumptious, authentic Southeast Asian dishes that are primarily from Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore.

Sukhi means, "happy and healthy people" in Thai. Once you try this place, you'll understand why it's the name they picked. After being invited by one of the restaurant's representatives, SpoonU ventured out to try this little gem for the first time. Unfamiliar yet curious about what awaited us, we were not disappointed.

Unlike most restaurants, Sukhi crafts every single one of its dishes from scratch. Some of them, such as Ramen and Pho, even take up to 12 hours to make. 

The best part? There's no such thing as a dress code. This place's very casual environment welcomes all types of outfits, from surfer attire to fancy suits. If you're feeling particularly lazy and you don't feel like getting out of your pajamas, there's (of course) a phone and text message delivery service that'll bring dinner straight to your door.  

Now... Let's talk food.

Appetizer #1: Summer Rolls

spring rolls, vegetable, rice, sauce, salad, lettuce, meat, chicken
Gloria Berguido

Despite the fact that I love vegetables, I've never been a fan of eating them alone. That being said, Sukhi's rice paper-wrapped vegetarian summer rolls are as refreshing as they are delicious, and made me rethink my whole "I don't eat vegetables alone" mindset.

While they may seem a little big, they are actually the perfect size and very light. Along with their malt vinegar, garlic, soy, and Thai chili dressing on the side, they make up for an ideal starter option.

Appetizer #2: Lettuce Wraps

salad, lettuce, sauce, steak, vegetable, beef
Gloria Berguido

As for a second starter option, lettuce wraps are often a go-to. After undecidedly juggling between pork, chicken, beef, and tofu, we settled for the pork wraps, and they were oh so good. 

The fusion between the crisp, watery lettuce and the juicy pork make up an outstanding, refreshing flavor. And for a slight change in taste, this dish brings three sauces on the side: gyoza, sriracha, and tomato special, for you to optionally garnish your handmade wraps. 

Entrée #1: Pad Thai

pasta, spaghetti, sauce, mushroom, chicken, linguine
Gloria Berguido

If you go to a Thai restaurant and don't the Pad Thai, did you really go? When it comes to Sukhi's, not only was it heavenly, but it was legitimate. It practically made me feel like I was walking down the streets of Thailand, holding it in my hand as I absorbed all the culture (Although I haven't actually been to Thailand, I can imagine this Pad Thai would be there).

While the rice noodles are the main components, combined with other ingredients such as tamarin sauce, bean sprouts, eggs, and peanuts altogether, they make up a masterpiece. Without a doubt, this dish is a must-try entrée.

Entrée #2: Sukhi Steak

rice, cabbage, spinach, broccoli
Gloria Berguido

As a second entrée, I definitely recommend the Sukhi Steak. Even though it's a very simple dish composed of only a soy sauce-enhanced steak and a jasmine rice side, it is one of the most popular ones among Sukhi's 70% foreigner-composed customer group. Also, it's one our favorites. Get ready to finish every last bit of food on your plate—and fast.

Dessert: Mango & Sticky Rice

Here comes the best part: dessert. We ordered the Mango & Sticky rice as a house recommendation, and while being a little hesitant about it at first (because it is a pretty unusual dessert), the first bite completely changed our minds. 

I can guarantee, this is nothing like what you have tasted before. Maybe I'm just biased because I love mangoes so much, but this dessert was delicious. The mango and the sticky coconut cream-garnished rice all put together make up a mind-blowing combination, and a rich flavor you are assured to love.

We only tried these five house-recommended courses, but we're absolutely sure their entire, extensive menu is just as amazing.

Whether you're a local or a tourist, if you're a fan of Thai, Vietnamese, or Singaporean cuisine, you must try Sukhi. Don't hesitate to stop by and treat yourself to a delicious meal (for very friendly prices) when you're in Panama City.