Does running makes you feel like you're about to die from exertion? Does the thought of going to the gym exhausts you? You may think that fitness at college is unrealistic, but working out is good for you. However, not everyone genuinely enjoys hitting the gym or dying on the treadmill. What's a lazy *ahem* busy college girl to do?  I've compiled six painless tips to help you motivate yourself and incorporate more exercise into your life.

1. Walk Everywhere

This may seem like "duh", but walking is cheap, a minimum impact type of fitness, and an essential part of the day. You can add some more steps into your daily routine by taking the stairs (we're all guilty of using the elevator at school), getting off the subway a stop early, or taking a stroll around campus while talking on the phone. This is easy to do when you have to walk to class anyway, so try to challenge yourself to take a certain amount of steps every day or week.  

2. HIIT the Gym

Whenever I go to the gym, I'm always amazed by the amount of people on the ellipticals because I honestly do not understand how people can stay on the machine for longer than fifteen minutes without wanting to die of boredom. Unless you're adding resistance and truly working up a sweat on the elliptical (or any other cardio machine) you're not going to burn many calories or push yourself.  With HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) you can get in and out of the gym faster and have a more efficient workout by pushing your heart rate up quickly, using plyometric moves such as jump lunges, jump squats, and plank jacks.

I find HIIT workout online on fitness blogs or simply by googling "HIIT workouts" and stealing a Kayla Itsines graphic or Pinterest workout.  If you don't have a room to workout in or prefer machines, you do HIIT simply by adding intervals of speed or increased resistance while cycling, running, or on the elliptical, etc.  HIIT sessions usually only take 15-20 minutes, so if you add in a quick ab or weights session at the end, you can be in and out of the gym in under an hour.

3. Put on a Sports Bra (Seriously)

Okay, so putting on a sports bra and workout leggings isn't necessarily going to make you fitter, but I find that I am more likely to go to the gym or for a run if I wear workout clothes to class because I can go straight after (you know you really don't want to study when you'd rather hit the gym than the library) or don't need to change if I decide to go later in the day.

Plus, athletic wear is comfortable, athleisure is in style, and it's not going to be acceptable to wear leggings and Nikes everywhere in a couple years after college so we need to enjoy it while it lasts.

4. Don't Skip Class

That is, don't skip the classes offered at your campus fitness center. Your student fees don't just pay for the perpetually-crowded cardio machines and free weights; most gyms also offer fitness classes on weekdays, and not just your average Zumba and yoga classes. For example, Fordham's gym offers Krav Maga, bootcamp (Carmen is the best!), contemporary dance, and abs classes, as well as daily spin classes in its studio adjacent to the gym.

All of these classes are free and offer great workouts, especially if you're new to working out and don't feel confident in your fitness skills, as the instructors can correct your form. They're a great way to learn new exercises to add to your routine. They also help keep me motivated, as you can't leave the class halfway without feeling shame, and you can drag a friend along with you to share the suffering.

5. Hold Yourself Accountable

Mark the days you have time to fit in a workout in your planner or on your phone so you know ahead of time which classes you want to go to or what days you're going to run or do a circuit. When you plan, it's much easier to stick to your fitness goals, whether that's just to take a certain amount of steps everyday or to go to spin class twice a week.

#SpoonTip: Recruit a friend to workout with you if you think you'll need another person to keep you accountable.

6. Treat Yourself (But Not Too Much)

Make sure to build in rewards; maybe you decide to save your favorite podcast (if you haven't listened to Serial, go go go) or Youtube videos for when you run on the treadmill, or will buy yourself a new pair of sneakers after running your first 5K. Find whatever it is that will motivate you, within reason, and use it to help you stick to your goals. However, the second half of this tip is one I need to stick with. I am the queen of treating myself, whether that's buying myself food or giving myself free time, so I need to learn to rein it in.  Basically, give yourself something to look forward to, but don't overdo it.

Fitness doesn't have to mean hardcore exercising, like half marathons and burpees, or long, boring slogs on the elliptical.

Just try to find something tolerable and do it often. Think of all the amazing food you have to eat to refuel after a workout. BRB, going to workout.