I started drinking coffee as a freshman in high school, and I haven’t stopped. I’ve tried just about everything that Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks has to offer. As a person who looks forward to their next iced coffee, I love anything related to the drink.

Here are some unusual coffee flavored foods:

1. Coffee Milk


Photo courtesy of @spablab on flickr.com

Every Rhode Islander knows the wonders of Autocrat. Autocrat is a flavored syrup that is usually stirred into milk to make coffee milk. Coffee milk is such a Rhode Island specialty that it is even served at lunch in elementary school.

2. Coffee Shortbread


Photo courtesy of @FrontStudio on flickr.com

Hawaiian shortbread cookies are well-known, not to mention mouthwatering. With the utilization of the iconic Hawaiian macadamia nut and other Hawaiian flavors, it is no surprise that coffee would make an appearance in these shortbread cookies.

3. Coffee Jelly


Photo courtesy of @minato on flickr.com

A Japanese favorite, coffee jelly is a mixture of coffee and agar jelly. As a popular dessert, this jelly is often served in cubes or in other desserts like milkshakes or ice cream floats.

4. Coffee Spread


Photo courtesy of @jagosaurus on flickr.com

Move over peanut butter and Nutella. Forget cookie butter. There’s a new spread in town. Coffee spread is made in Italy and is great on toast, desserts or even just with a spoon straight out of the jar.

5. Coca-Cola Blāk


Photo courtesy of @DelMaria on flickr.com

First introduced in France, Coca-Cola Blāk is java flavored soda. Though just lasting two years before being discontinued, Coca-Cola Blāk contained 46 mg of caffeine compared to the 23 mg in a regular bottle of Coke.

6. Espresso Balsamic Vinegar


Photo courtesy of @SimonCockayne on flickr.com

This balsamic vinegar is a bold vinegar with just a hint of espresso. The espresso flavor adds a richness to the already robust balsamic.

7. Coffee Jelly Beans


Photo courtesy of @Aishabb on flickr.com

The coffee flavored jelly beans are packed with a great flavor that is sure to draw you back every time to that delectable coffee taste. As a somewhat unusual flavor, these jelly beans mix well with other flavors in the variety pack of jelly beans.

8. Cappuccino Potato Chips


Photo courtesy of @TommyChen on flickr.com

Cappuccino potato chips were born through Lay’s create your own flavor contest. The cappuccino flavor did not receive good reviews from Americans and eventually lost out to the Wasabi Ginger flavored potato chips.

9. Café Mocha M&M’s


Photo courtesy of @JodiTripp on flickr.com

Sold exclusively by Target during the month of December, these M&M’s are hard to come by. Add this to your list to try.

10. Caramel Macchiato Yogurt


Photo courtesy of @Arshadykhan on flickr.com

This yogurt rivals the real thing. Who needs a caramel macchiato from Starbucks when you can just have some yogurt?

11. Coffee Candy


Photo courtesy of @Helenorozco on flickr.com

Different from the previously mentioned M&M’s, this candy is a hard candy rather than chocolate. These pack all the great flavors of coffee into a small and easily portable treat.

Coffee has proven to be more than just a drink. From candy to potato chips, coffee flavor is everywhere. With this list only mentioning a few, I’m left wondering what type of unusual mocha flavored food will be next.