New York City is full of restaurants and dessert spots that have locals and tourists on the lookout for the best finds. You have probably heard of Levain Bakery, which is known for their warm gooey cookies, but Schmackary's takes this classic childhood treat to the next level and they have recently added cookie cakes to the menu!

Where Is Schmackary's?

Located in Manhattan theatre district, Schmackary's can usually be spotted by a long line of excited patrons trying to get a glimpse at all of the amazing flavors through the window. Schmackary's home is located right next to 5 Napkin Burger on 45th street and 9th avenue. Recently, Schmackary's opened up another location in Cooper Square between 5th and 6th street.

Schmackary's Cookie Cakes  

You have probably seen a traditional cookie cake which is essentially a large cookie cut into flat slices. Schmackary's has introduced their version of cookie cake which is made from layering cookies on top of each other. Currently, Schmackary's is only selling these cookie cakes at their Cooper Square location and online for local delivery. 

Some of the flavors Schmackary's have announced so far for the cookie cakes include cookies n cream, funfetti and red velvet. I would personally want to try the funfetti flavor first because the regular cookie is fantastic. 

How Can I Try This Cookie Cake?

Schmackary's is selling these cookie cakes whole and by the slice. The whole cakes are selling for $25 and an individual slice costs $5.00. 

Other Cookies At Schmackary's

These cookie cakes are perfect for a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary, but if you are craving a single cookie than Schmackary's also has you covered. Schmackary's changes their flavors daily but some include the classic, maple bacon, mint mojito, white island and oatmeal scotchie

The pricing for the cookies is as follows: 1 cookie for $3.25. 2 cookies for $6.00. 6 cookies for $15.00. 12 cookies for $25.  

Other Treats At Schmackary's

In addition to cookies and cookie cakes, Schmackary's also sells brownies, macaroons, krispie treats and kitchen sink bars. I've had brownies from here before and they are some of the best in the city. They are just the right the right consistency and the different flavors make it easy to find something everyone will enjoy. 

Schmackary's also serves breakfast between 8-11am. Some of the items on the breakfast menu include croissants, cinnamon buns, sticky buns, scones and parfaits.