If there’s one thing about me, it's that I love sushi. And recently, I tried the beloved O-Ku on my hunt to find the best sushi in Atlanta. Let me tell you, O-Ku exceeded all of my expectations, and I’m a harsh critic. Intrigued? Let me tell you more.

According to their website, O-Ku serves authentic Asian cuisine with a regionally tailored menu emphasizing local, sustainable food sources. Not only is the food incredible, with their fish coming from the best markets, but they also have incredible plating and presentation, perfect for your Instagram story. So without further ado, here is my take on O-Ku; trust me, you'll be sprinting to secure a reservation at this sushi hot spot.

The Vibe

Located in West Midtown, a trendy neighborhood booming with restaurants and fun activities, the vibe sets in as soon as you pull into the parking lot. The restaurant is dimly lit and decorated “industrial-chic,” setting the perfect ambiance to sit down for a sushi feast.

The restaurant also features a rooftop with views of the Atlanta skyline, perfect for a warm summer day. O-Ku is the ideal place for amazing sushi and guarantees a good time no matter your party size. There are also multiple locations across Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Washington D.C., and Jacksonville Beach.


O-Ku not only has five-star sushi rolls, but their appetizers are also a home run. We started with edamame and opted to add truffle salt, which I had never tried on edamame before, a unique O-Ku offering. The flavor was incredible; however, if you aren’t a fan of the distinct truffle flavor, I recommend going with the regular edamame.

Next, we ordered crispy rice topped with diced spicy sashimi and sweet soy (always a fan favorite). The flavors blended so well together, producing the perfect crunchy bite, and the rice literally melted in my mouth. 

We also ordered the rock shrimp tempura; O-Ku has mastered the ratio of tempura coating, so I wasn't left disappointed searching for shrimp. The dish was swimming in a delicious sweet sauce with a touch of heat from the spicy red chili to balance it. The rock shrimp was one of my favorite menu items and a must-order on your visit to O-Ku. 

Melanie Dash

Another appetizer we tried was the dumplings filled with chicken and pork. The dumplings were decent and flavored with garlic and soy; however, they were nothing to write home about and didn’t stand out compared to all the other amazing dishes. Although I would skip the dumplings on my next trip, they are still a great meat option for picky eaters at the table who don’t eat fish or sushi. 

Melanie Dash


For the sushi course, we ordered three rolls that were far from your typical sushi restaurant offerings. O-Ku is your place if you’re down to try unique special rolls and exciting flavors. Trust me; you won’t find a California roll on this menu.

First, we tried the Follow the Yellow Brick Roll, which contains salmon, tempura crab, cucumber, and masago aioli and is topped with a paper-thin sliced lemon. Hold on, lemon on a sushi roll? Although it sounds odd, the citrus of the lemon and salmon complemented each other, and the tempura crab added a crunch for extra texture.

The second roll we got was the Tuna Crunch, an elevated version of the spicy tuna roll. The roll contains spicy tuna, cucumber, and crab and is topped with crunchy fried onions, spicy aioli, and eel sauce. The Tuna Crunch was incredible; the soft melt-in-your-mouth tuna paired with the crunchy onion was a party in my mouth, and the sweetness of the eel sauce cut the spice of the tuna, which I enjoyed.

Lastly, we couldn’t resist trying The Okurrr roll! Not only is the roll’s name amusing and clever, but it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen on a sushi menu (#CardiBapproved). The roll is wagyu beef-topped & torched and contains tempura shrimp, asparagus, KBBQ glaze, and crispy leeks.

Although this roll is pricy at $26 for eight pieces, I can assure you that it is high quality and well worth the sticker shock. The texture and flavor of The Okurrr are phenomenal and genuinely unlike anything I’ve ever tried before. So although this roll is pricy, you can't miss it.

The Main Course

We ended our meal with the braised beef short rib, which might be the best short rib I’ve ever tasted (and that’s saying a lot!) The meat pulled apart smoothly and was coated in a creamy sauce that deepened the overall flavor. If you're a short rib fan, this dish is not one to miss at O-Ku and is an excellent option among other main courses such as chicken teriyaki and pork belly if you’re not into sushi.

Melanie Dash

So, is O-Ku worth the hype? I'd say it definitely is. If it wasn’t already apparent, this restaurant truly has something for everyone, making it an ideal location for any group gathering. In addition to what we ordered, O-Ku also has an impressive list of nigiri and sashimi options, including their signature nigiri which you better believe I'll be trying on my next visit. Don't worry O-Ku, I'll be back soon!