Craving some authentic Chinese food? Look no further than Dumpling Daughter. With locations in Weston, Cambridge, and Brookline, this delectable dim sum place probably has a store near you. Noodles, buns, rice bowls, and more, head over to Dumpling Daughter for some mouthwatering food.

Dia Mahesh

The Highlights

I ordered the barbecue pork buns, the chicken kimchi buns, pan seared pork and napa cabbage dumplings, and grandma's beijing meat sauce over noodles. The chicken kimchi buns are only available at the Weston location and were delicious. Make sure to check out each location so you can try the different specials! The pan seared pork and napa cabbage dumplings are a classic to just keep going back to. The barbecue pork buns were stuffed full of meat which made them that much more enjoyable. Last but not least grandma's beijing meat sauce over noodles combined the cold cucumbers with the steaming meat sauce to make a tasty and instagrammable meal. 

Dia Mahesh

Frozen Food

Looking for a quick dinner after a long day of classes or work? Or just craving some dumpling daughter but too lazy to go get some? No worries, just head on over and stock up on some frozen buns and dumplings! At all three locations you can get 18 piece orders of four varieties of dumplings and 6 piece orders of four varieties of buns. Look out for other frozen items available at specific locations, such as the frozen sticky rice with pork in bamboo leaf offered in Cambridge. Not only can you get Dumpling Daughter frozen foods, you can also buy their sauces in 8 oz bottles. Pair them with those frozen dumplings you just bought, or use them to spice up something else you're eating! Make sure you keep your eyes peeled, because rumor has it Dumpling Daughter is planning on launching their frozen dumplings and buns for shipping in addition to pick up at each location! So even if you don't live in the greater Boston area you might be able to get a hold of their delicious food.

Dia Mahesh

The App-enings

Are you a Dumpling Daughter regular? Download the Dumpling Daughter app from the app store! The app makes ordering from Cambridge and Brookline easier with online ordering that includes pictures of all the food items. You can view past orders to see what dish you keep going back to, which makes ordering it again that much easier. The app also lets you gain loyalty points on your orders, which then cumulate until you can redeem them for loyalty offers. You even get $5 off your first order after signing up for the app! So make sure to download to maximize your savings and prove you are a die-hard Dumpling Daughter fan. 

Dia Mahesh

Download the Dumpling Daughter app to be in the know on all of the latest updates and to get those loyalty points. Make sure to follow Dumpling Daughter on their social media to see all those mouth watering pictures and see the most recent deals available at each location!

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