Spicy tuna is a way of life. Personally, when I am out to eat and see a dish with spicy tuna, I am automatically drawn to it. NYC offers an endless supply of cuisines, meals, and dishes perfect for anyone who is looking to be adventurous in the Big Apple, but spicy tuna will always be the right move. 

For anyone who doesn't live under a rock, spicy tuna is taking over everyone's Instagram feeds, especially all those food accounts you follow. Don't deny it, I do the same thing. For all my basic girls out there, spicy tuna is on the rise and these are four places in NYC to satisfy your spicy tuna craving. 

1. Catch NYC's Crunchy Rice Cakes

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Mikaela Orenstein

Catch is conveniently located in Chelsea, so for anyone who plans to visit Chelsea Market or walk the High Line, this is the perfect stop for lunch on a NYC day trip. If you're lucky and the weather is nice, you can even sit out on the rooftop overlooking Chelsea. Catch NYC offers crispy rice that adds the perfect amount of crunch to the spicy tuna and the wasabi adds the extra bit of flare you never knew you were missing in your life.

Location: 21 9th Ave, New York, NY 10014

2. Momoya Amsterdam's Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna

Mikaela Orenstein

Crispy rice with spicy tuna is honestly a gift to this world, and Momoya's version certainly does not disappoint. The spicy tuna is fresh and flavorful, and the jalapeños add even more spice to an already delicious meal. The dish comes with six pieces so you definitely get what you pay for. Plus, it's super filling.

Location: 427 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10024

3. Uma Temakeria's Uma-Ritto

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Mikaela Orenstein

Keeping up with the trend of sushi burritos, Uma Temakeria's Uma-Ritto is one of the best spicy tuna dishes I have had in my life. It comes with salmon, tuna, spicy mayo, tempura crunch, cucumber, sesame seeds, and carrots. If that isn't a mouth full, then it sure will be when you head to Greenwich Village to try this incredible sushi burrito. 10/10 would recommend.

Location: 64 7th Ave, New York, NY 10011

4. Gotham Poké's Poké Bowl

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Mikaela Orenstein

Poké is one of my favorite dishes because it is filling, fresh, and healthy. I always choose to go rice-less and add lots of veggies to create a poké masterpiece. Gotham Poké provides you with the opportunity to choose your base, fish, and several toppings. I choose the kale base, spicy tuna, avocado, and seaweed salad for my poké bowl. Every flavor blends together so well and truly complements one another. This was the best meal imaginable for a ridiculously hot NYC day this past summer.

Location: 353 West 14th St, New York, NY 10014 

These four places in NYC are the best ways to satisfy your spicy tuna cravings. Each restaurant has its own twist on the popular dish.

For anyone heading to NYC anytime soon, I highly recommend upping your spicy tuna game. Plus, you're guaranteed to get a good Insta out of it. I mean, what's better than eating spicy tuna AND improving your social media game with a meal all your friends will be jealous of? Seriously, don't waste any more time, and go to the Big Apple while you can (aka, you college students bored af home over break).