Wisconsin might be known for the cheese and unbearable winters, but we do rise to the occasion when springtime hits. Madison is bursting with things to do and foods to indulge in once the warm weather arrives. If you're on campus this summer, here are a few simple ways to enjoy the warm weather even if you're swamped with work.

First Stop: Fresh Cool Drinks

I don't care what you're doing and where you are, you must immediately get into the Fresh Cool Drinks line (even if it is an hour long), and order a legendary spring roll from our angel, Tsui. You can even pair the large head-sized meal with a smoothie to top it all off. 

Next: The Terrace

You've seen the pitchers of beer, The Daily Scoop cones, the famous terrace chairs, and the sunsets all over Insta. Whether you're studying for finals, catching up with a friend, or need a relaxing break, the terrace is the go-to spot during summer in MadTown. 

For Some Exercise

As soon as the weather hits 60 degrees, you can be sure to catch Lakeshore Path buzzing with people. Whether you're running, walking, biking or going to a firepit at Picnic Point, the Lakeshore Path is the perfect way to celebrate the warm weather while getting your steps in. 

Weekend Chill

We count down to it all year long: The Dane County Farmers Market. Stella's Cheesy Bread, Mark's Award Winning Cinnamon Rolls, Hook's Cheese Curds, Brunkow Cheese of Wisconsin, and the Chris & Lori's Bakehouse are just a few highlights of this Saturday staple here in Madison. 

Feelin' in Touch with Nature

UW Madison Arboretum covers 1,000 acres of our beautiful town. They offer free private walks and tours along with paved roads for bikers and runners. It is the perfect place to unwind and appreciate the nature that surrounds us. 

Concerts on the Square

For six weeks during the summer months, every Wednesday at 7PM there is a concert on the Square. Bring your blankets, a filling meal, some cocktails or some fruity beverages, and enjoy the music.

Caffeine Fix

Both Colectivos on State and up by the Capitol have outdoor seating once the sun starts to shine. If you have a daunting amount of work to do for your intensive summer course, ease your stress by grabbing a cup of their specialty coffee and sit outside to enjoy the sun while you cross things off of your to-do list. 

To Top it All Off

Lauren Lamothe

End the perfect summer night with a dinner at Eno Vino downtown. Located at the top of the AC Hotel, the views of Madison are breathtaking. Once the summer months hit, you can catch the amazing view and the sunset with their outdoor rooftop seating. 

There is seriously always something to love in Madison at any point of the year. Follow these tips and you're on your way to a great summer in an even better city.