The Dane County Farmers Market is a favorite spot for both UW-Madison students and locals alike.  Every Saturday morning in the fall and summer, vendors line the streets around the capitol square, their booths brimming with fresh items.  

The farmer's market is truly unique and special, and the best place to visit before a Badger game or just for a relaxing fall morning.


If you love your fruits and vegetables, then the farmers market is better than a trip to the grocery store.  You can find any type of produce that your heart desires, all in one place.

My favorites are the apples, eggplants, rainbow cauliflower, and cherry tomatoes.  If you like to cook for yourself, then this is the perfect place to get fresh, affordable food!  


If you've never had fresh honey, your life is about to change!  At the market, there are various vendors selling honey, whether in a small snack size or a large container.  

I love getting a honey stick to snack on while walking around.  Look out for the vendor wearing a beehive hat, his product is delicious!  Stock up now so you can use it in your tea this winter.


One of the best items to get at the market in the fall is a delicious apple cider. Made from fresh apples, nothing is more refreshing than this drink on a crisp fall day!  Get a small bottle to drink while walking around, and a larger container to take home to satisfy your cravings later!  


One of the most popular items at the market is the cheese. Theres an abundance of types and flavors, from the classic squeaky cheese curds to to a savory goat cheese, and each is amazing and unique.  Take some time walking around the market to sample each kind, and make sure to stop at the big blue tent, with cheese that is grilled to perfection.


There are so many pastries to try at the market, making it the perfect spot for a Saturday morning breakfast.  Try out a cinnamon roll or "Scone for Sconnies," but make sure to bring home a cow cookie for dessert later. Another fan favorite are the Whoopie Pies, which come in a variety of flavors from the classic chocolate to mint chip.  

Spicy Cheesy Bread

The most popular item at the market is by far Stella's Spicy Cheesy Bread.  A soft, flavorful bread, these loaves are filled with cheese, topped with red pepper flakes, and cooked to perfection right at the market!  

Stop by and get a fresh loaf and have your mind blown!  The cheese is melty and heavenly, and paired with the slight spice it's a perfect combination.

The Dane County Farmer's Market should be a staple in every student's weekly schedule.  It's a great place to go and walk around before tailgating for football games, and a wonderful way to spend a relaxing morning in the fall or summer.  Keep in mind that the last Saturday is November 11, so take advantage while you can.