Sometimes a change in scenery will help reduce stress and make studying more tolerable. Here are a few great spots on the University of Wisconsin's campus where you can kick back, hang out with friends, and take time to relax.

1. The Memorial Union Terrace

Melissa Simon

Studying outside on the terrace by the lake will make the summer homework much less painful. It might be harder to focus with so many people around, but if you put in earphones and blast your favorite tunes, you can drown everyone out.

2. Bascom Hill

pasture, grass
Avery Allen

Grab a smoothie from the food trucks and take your books to the grassy hill that overlooks Library Mall. The wind and sun will wake you up and help clear your mind.

3. The Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

Many people haven't been to the Discovery Building yet, but it's definitely one of the most gorgeous indoor locations on campus.

The stunning architecture, glass walls, trees, and overall openness make it a much more unique place to study, especially compared to the confined nature of Memorial Library.

4. The Lakeshore Path

Studying for too many consecutive hours can often lead to diminishing returns. When you feel like you can't retain any more information, it's a sign that you need to take a break -- even if it's a short one like taking a walk alongside the lake.

5. Cyc Fitness

Lauren Lamothe

Another helpful and healthy stress reliever is exercising. Since the Serf will be under construction next year, I highly recommend trying a Cyc class.

The dark room, loud music and energetic "cyclogist" instructors who yell encouraging messages completely block out the constant thoughts and worries running through my head. Cyc is both a mental and physical workout -- I come out drenched in sweat with a refreshed mind.

If none of those tips help reduce your stress, there's always State Street Brats or the KK!