The Hall on Franklin offers up a multitude of choices to satisfy any kind of craving you may have. They offer everything from sandwiches to alligator. Just recently, the Hall started serving brunch on the weekends and all millennials know Sunday brunch is THE best invention since sliced bread. Brunch at The Hall on Franklin is an experience in itself. While I was there, the speakers blasted songs by Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke, and Kendrick Lamar and honestly, if there was a dancefloor I'd be out there getting it on.

The hall was packed full of people from the front to back and all that anyone can hear is a loud roar of a million conversations. At some point the garage door at the front of the building lifted for more room. When the garage door goes up, you know the party is about to be lit. 

My boyfriend and I walked up to the hostesses and told the wait was 25 minutes for a table but we also had the option of sitting at the bar and ordering our food that way--we chose to sit at the bar. We sat at the Kôfē (pronounced like “coffee”) bar and ordered. I’d already looked at the brunch menu beforehand so I already knew what I wanted to eat. The brunch menu isn’t extensive so it’s easy to choose something from each vendor. I practiced some self-control to keep from ordering the entire menu and lowered my order down to a couple items. I’m on a bit of a "healthy foods kick" at the moment and chose what I thought went along with my current “lifestyle”

Açaí Energy Bowl

Bake'n Babes is one of the six vendors at The Hall on Franklin that serves up indulgent treats like cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and pies. You can still indulge with those items on a cheat day but their brunch offerings are a little different. One thing offered is the Açaí Energy Bowl. Smoothie bowls is something I’m starting to become more interested in eating and this one enables my growing obsession with them. The bowl is made from organic Açaí mixed with strawberries, bananas, and almond butter. The bright bowl is topped off with Paleo Granola, chia seeds, hemp, flaxseeds, and a light drizzle of honey. It’s equal parts are satisfying and indulgent. The smoothie is creamy, luscious, and the fruit flavors aren’t fighting with each other to see who’s more dominant. Because it is smooth, adding the granola and seeds create a layer of texture and crunch. 

Citrus Cured Salmon Rice Cake Benedict

Alexandria Jones

North Star Eatery is another vendor at The Hall on Franklin specializing in Asian Fusion. Any egg dish like an omelet or a benedict always interests me. I think they’re so basic that there is ample room for creativity. This version doesn’t disappoint as it’s not like your usual English muffin, hollandaise sauce, 90 combo. First off, this one is in a bowl. Secondly, the cream cheese hollandaise through me for a loop because it’s the most unexpected touch to the dish. The benedict has two poached eggs sitting atop thinly sliced salmon that is almost transparent and a crunchy rice cake. Out of all the egg benedicts I’ve eaten, this one is definitely the best one I’ve tried.

The Hall on Franklin offers brunch on the weekends from 11am-5pm. Going here with a group of people is the best way to get the full experience.