Here we are rounding the final stretch of our winter break. I can't complain about the extensive family time–on second, I can– especially my own bed (that's not a twin XL), not having to wear shower shoes, and home cooked meals. But, that doesn't mean I don't miss a lot of things about Denison's little (and I mean little) town of Granville, Ohio.

Beside missing the wonderful people that make up Denison, I am craving some of the goods eats I've eaten thus far in the greater Granville area. And no, a Slayter burrito is definitely not on this list. 

1. The Pub on Broadway's Spinach Dip 

pizza, sauce, vegetable
Alex Frank

This cheesy, heavenly dip should be #1 on everyone's list. 

2. Every Kind of Jolly Pirate Donut 

tea, cake
Emily Walsh

I know these donuts have been on my mind all vacation...

3. Jeni's Ice Cream 

cream, cake, marshmallow, ice
Alex Frank

Since Jeni's ice cream originated in Columbus, OH, it only feels right to eat a pint of this stuff when I'm on campus. 

4. Mai Chau Tofu Bowls 

rice, soup, noodle, chicken, tofu
Lucy Carlisle

Vegetarian or not, these tofu bowls are bowl goals. Granville is certainly spiced up with this Vietnamese joint. 

5. Zest Acai Bowls 

cream, chocolate, coffee, tea
Effie Henry

Oh how I miss those long, anticipating car rides to Columbus dreaming about a Zest acai bowl and also their coffee cashew milk!

6. Granville Inn Deep Dish Cookies 

ice cream, ice, chocolate, peanut butter, bacon, butter, peanut, caramel
Caroline Ingalls

Granville Inn, come back into my life. My mouth is watering just looking at this beautiful, sugary picture.

7. Village Coffee Bagel Sandwiches

cheese, bread, mango, chicken, avocado, sandwich
Alex Frank

Yes, it is definitely a shame that Village Coffee isn't open on Sundays, especially after a long weekend spent at the Sunnies. But, nothing can cure the feeling I have on Saturday mornings just like a bagel sandwich and coffee like Village can. 

8. The Denison Delight at Whit's Frozen Custard

chocolate, ice cream, cream, ice
Alex Frank

Guilty. I was one of the people there on December 18th to get one more fix in before closing for the winter. Cold weather or not, I miss this frozen custard. 

9. Alfie's Brussels Sprouts 

meat, baguette, chicken, lettuce, bread, sandwich
Alex Frank

Alfie, I have been dreaming about you. I will be down to order brussels sprouts and a sandwich the second I step back on campus. 

10. Feeling Boujee at Hudson 29 

mint, cocktail, tea, ice
Katherine Rouse

Everything on Hudson 29's menu is to die for. It feels like you've been transferred from little old Granville to New York City. I need a restaurant like Hudson 29 at home. 

11. Nights at Tequilaville 

egg, juice
Alex Frank

Maybe the food at Tequilaville isn't overly exciting, but the times that you have there are certainly unique and I know you miss them as much as I do. 

12. Palumbo's Sandwiches 

mustard, meat, bread, cheese, bun, tomato, bacon, lettuce, sandwich
Alex Frank

Enough said, Palumbo's sandwiches need to come back into my life ASAP and I know you're thinking the same thing.