Alright kids, it's that special weekend again at Denison: your parents are here visiting - aka time to ditch that dining hall food and take advantage of your parents being in town. The time when it's acceptable to get off campus and eat whatever you have been craving the past month, have dessert, and order the over-priced burger on the menu. Let's see what restaurants are the all-time treat...

Hudson 29

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Part of the outstanding "Cameron Mitchell" collection of restaurants, Hudson 29 seems to be one of Denison students' favorites. It offers a wide variety of sandwiches, salads, sushi rolls, and entrees. Most will say the go-to is the famous "Hudson 29 Cheeseburger" and you will not be leaving unsatisfied. 

Granville Inn

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Located conveniently down the hill, this place is an all-time classic for when the parents come to town. Whether it's for a luxury filet paired with some prosecco or the infamous "Sunday Brunch" for your hangover cure, you can't go wrong with any meal here. Lastly, there's no question about getting dessert, so don't leave until you've tried the "Skillet Cookie."


I don't know one family that doesn't have a love for tacos, tequila, or whiskey (at least not my fam). So pick your poison and have a lively time in downtown Columbus. From the "Pollo Rojo" tacos to the "Hongos" vegetarian option, you can't go wrong.

Smith & Wollensky

After an exhausting day of shopping with the rents, make sure to end the day by having dinner at Easton. Known as "America's Steakhouse," your filet will be cooked to perfection. Just a forewarning, everything is BIG and over-sized, so go hungry and don't forget to try the homemade whipped cream for dessert!

The Barn

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Another lovely "Cameron Mitchell" restaurant. However, this place it is not recommended for any of you vegetarians out there. The Barn is highly-known for its pork, chicken, and beef, and of course the roasted brussels sprouts to pair on the side! With the countryside location, this restaurant is a warm and inviting place to catch up with your fam.

There are endless restaurant options for you and your family to choose from. Whether you're taco enthusiasts or hamburger lovers, you will have a delicious meal during your time together!