For those of you Denison students who have been living under a rock, a new restaurant has just recently opened up at the bottom of the hill. Uberburger, located just above Whits, is a great new place where you can mix and match interesting styles of burgers and fries.

Although the menu is not that large, similar to its seating space, you can go crazy designing your own signature Uberburger with all the unique bun flavors and toppings to choose from. 

Sadly for vegetarians, Uberburger is strictly for meat lovers, aka no black bean burger. However, what's super unique about Uberburger is the option to replace your bun with lettuce. Sounds healthy, right? I'm not on a diet or anything, but I tried it out and liked it a lot. Besides the fact that it was a little difficult to eat, it still made me feel good and added a very fresh taste.

french fries, meat, bread, potato
Caroline Ingalls

Another bun option that grabbed my attention was the cheese bun. Okay, so maybe I'm not that healthy, but I couldn't resist trying it. No judgement here, please. I paired it with sautéed mushrooms and sweet potato fries which made me feel like my usual burger-eating self. 

bacon, cheese, beef, bun, cheddar, onion rings, onion
Caroline Ingalls

After crushing the menu and becoming tight with the employees, I left Uberburger with a full stomach. I highly recommend going with friends so that you can try just about everything on the menu and checking another Granville restaurant off of your bucket list. You may even become a lover of the lettuce bun.

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Caroline Ingalls

After leaving Uberburger, be sure to get yourself a delicious cup of Whit's Frozen Custard just downstairs for dessert. 

beer, coffee, pizza
Caroline Ingalls