Yes, Cheese Lover's Day is real. It may seem too good to be true, but it is real, and it's coming up on January 20th. It's clearly important to start planning how to properly celebrate this occasion as soon as possible.

While a classic grilled cheese sandwich could suffice, to honor what is clearly the most important day of the year, it would only make sense to create a list of the most extravagant of cheesy dishes that are offered in New York City — and obviously try to eat them all in one day. 

1. Jacob's Pickles – Mac n' Cheese 

This is just one of multiple mac n' cheeses that will be on the list, but it is a personal favorite of mine. Jacob's Pickles has an amazing menu, but as with anything you get, mac n' cheese will be a perfect side for it.  

2. Melt Shop – "Classic" Grilled Cheese 

You can almost never go wrong with a classic grilled cheese. With both American and cheddar cheese, this sandwich creates the perfect pull-apart picture (as seen above) and melts in your mouth in the most satisfying way. 

3. Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken – "Fries With the Works" 

Cheese and bacon and fries — oh my. Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken offers many delicious sandwiches and dishes, many of which include cheese. Even if the focus of this dish isn't cheese, I would say that you could definitely eat this on Cheese Lover's Day and feel very satisfied.  

4. Delicatessen – Any Type of Mac n' Cheese 

This is a picture of the Lobster Mac n' Cheese they offer, but Delicatessen offers many different types of mac n' cheese. So many, in fact, they actually have an attachment to their restaurant that just serves mac n' cheese. Some of my personal favorites of theirs are "the classic,"—which has American, cheddar, and swiss— and the "Mac Quack"—which has duck confit, white cheddar and fontina, and caramelized onions

5. Cafeteria – Mac n' Cheese Spring Rolls 

While Cafeteria does have some delicious mac n' cheese offerings on their menu, I felt that these spring rolls were best to celebrate Cheese Lover's Day. Served with a gouda dipping sauce, (more cheese!), this is certainly a dish that celebrates cheese

6. Vinnie's Pizzeria – Pizza on Pizza Pizza 

While technically this isn't a cheese-focused dish, I felt that this list wouldn't be complete without at least one pizza offering, and the only pizza I felt was truly worthy was this one—pizza on pizza. More crust, more cheese, more pizza, I can't think of anything better. 

7. The Ainsworth – Mac n' Cheese Burger 

This burger is literally overflowing with cheesy goodness. A burger drowning in mac n' cheese with a fried cheese patty on the bottom certainly qualifies to be part of this Cheese Lover's list. Yes burgers are great, yes mac n' cheese is great, but together they're somehow even better .

8. Tompkins Square Bagels – Mac n' Cheese Bagel 

Carbs, carbs, and cheese. Any cheese-lover would drool over this bagel — scooped out, filled with mac n' cheese, and with cheese melted over the top. I'm drooling just describing it. This dish may not be for someone one a diet, but diets are for January 1st anyways. 

9. Cacio e Pepe – Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe 

This dish is pasta which is stirred table side in a wheel of Parmesan cheese. This is on a personal foodie bucket list of mine, and Cheese Lover's Day would be the perfect day to try this. 

10. Raclette NYC – Any of the Raclette Options

Saving the cheesiest for last. Raclette has recently become insta-famous for its videos of the huge slab of cheese being poured onto a dish. Raclette would be the perfect restaurant to spend a day dedicated to cheese. 

So, clearly Cheese Lover's Day is the best day ever, and hopefully this list helped give you some options on where to properly celebrate it in one of the best food cities in the world.