Sometimes, you just can’t stomach another night of dining hall food — we’ve been there. As broke college students, though, a nice dinner out isn’t always an option.

Whether it's a cheeseburger or pizza; pop-culture's favorite Chinese takeout or Mexican cuisine; or a light and healthy smoothie bowl to an indulgent, treat-yourself dessert, there's plenty of options for delivery on a budget.

Spoon University has you covered when it comes to cheap takeout in South Orange, NJ — and even cheaper delivery. 

1. Miti Miti 

Get the best of @MitiMitiNJ’s Latin fare, from veggie empanadas to carne asada tacos to cheesy arepas, delivered for just $0.99 on GrubHub.

Be sure to order their queso — you can thank us later.

2. Blue Ocean Chinese

Not only do they deliver for free, but their Veggie Pad Thai is something of the best we’ve ever had.

Spoon also recommends Blue Ocean’s Sesame Chicken and Shrimp Fried Rice.

3. El Greco Pizza

There’s nothing like a hot pie after a Seton Hall basketball game at The Rock. While the Tratt may be everyone’s first thought when it comes to pizza in @DowntownSouthOrange, you can’t deny that @ElGrecoPizza973 in Seton Village comes in clutch with late nights and free delivery.

4. Juice Hub

Craving an açaí bowl but don’t want to brave the cold temps outside?

@JuiceHub_SO delivers for just $0.49 on GrubHub — brain freeze not included.

5. Domino's Pizza

While Domino’s may not rank high on your list of pizzerias, their cheap eats and free delivery late into the night make it more than delicious.

6. mozzarella

Looking for a nice dinner without leaving the house? Mozzarella delivers pasta, pizza, and their TikTok‑famous mozz sticks for just $2 on #GrubHub — making it the perfect option for a date night in.

7. White Castle

We get it, sometimes you just need a greasy fast food burger. White Castle delivers their iconic burgers and, of course, fries, for less than $2 on GrubHub.

8. BGR

Burgers Grilled Right, better known as BGR, is run by a Seton Hall alum and is a staple in the South Orange community.

BGR delivers delicious burgers for just $0.49 on Uber Eats -- although we can't guarantee they'll honor any free fry coupons from Seton Hall basketball games.

9. New Great Wall Restaurant

New Great Wall is just outside the gates of Seton Hall University, and delivers Chinese takeout classics such as wonton soup, orange chicken, and fried rice in under an hour.

10. Town Hall Deli

Home of the Original Sloppy Joe, Town Hall Delicatessen is a staple in South Orange.

Get a sloppy joe (or any of THD’s delicious sandwiches and sides) delivered for less than 50 cents on Uber Eats.

11. The Fox & Falcon

Get @TheFoxandFalconNJ's burgers, salads, sandwiches, and pastas delivered for just $0.99 on GrubHub.

12. Jackie & Son

Whether it's brunch, pastries, or Mediterranean plates, Uber Eats will bring one of Jackie's fresh fusion creations right to your door for just a $0.49 delivery fee. 

13. Manhattan Bagel

Get your NJ bagel fix for just $1.49 delivery fee on Uber Eats.

Best to find a buddy for this one, though -- if you spend $10, you can get your TEC bagel delivered for free.

14. Poke 22

Looking for a little brain boost? Poke 22 delivers fresh sushi, poke, and Japanese food for just $0.49 on Uber Eats.

15. The Cookie Connect

How could we forget dessert, especially when it looks this good? The Cookie Connect delivers into the early morning hours, meaning your late-night cravings are covered.

Check out their insanely photogenic cookies, cereal ice cream bars, or a 5lb ice cream sandwich, and relish in the beauty of food delivered right to your door.