The Gilmore Girls have a famous relationship with food that almost every viewer of the classic show has related with one time or another. The movie night spreads, need for coffee in the morning, and take out to make cooking just a little easier during the week are just a few to name. With quarantine, everyone's food habits are looking a little more like Lorelai and Rory's every day. 


Who doesn't? #TacoTuesday

Need to make some now, check out this recipe.




Are you with Dean, #teamsalad, or with the girls, #teampizza? Either way, pizza & salad is one classic quarantine meal that I'll keep ordering. 


It's the question we are all asking. What better way to end a meal? 

If you need some dessert now, try this coffee cake or these sugared pecans


Duh - You scream, I scream, We all scream for ice cream. 

In Boston, check out the cheapest places to buy Talenti in the city here


Me too, Rory. There never needs to be an occasion - always think about pudding. 


Make sure to protect your food. Today, it looks more like protecting from lurking family members than your neighbors, but protect it regardless.


Sometimes we all have those days. When no matter how much food we eat, we could still eat another plate just like Rory here. 


This makes me want to go to Luke's and order the entire menu: stat!


Every time I find myself in the kitchen, it really does feel like I need to be the next food channel star. From Chopped like variety of fridge ingredients to a short timespan to cook and eat before a meeting, really cooking is pretty cool. 


I'm with Dean, a piece of pie is ALWAYS a good idea especially on March 14th (pi day)!


Who doesn't? Grab yourself some Italian classics: pizza, pasta, and more to sit and watch an episode of Gilmore Girls now. 

All of these Gilmore Girl's moments bring back memories of watching it through the first time with snacks, pizza, and movie night essentials of my own. Be sure to grab some snacks and sit down and eat a Gilmore Girls meal while you rewatch the series the next time!