I am a firm believer that brunch is the most important meal of the day. While my weekend meals typically consist of eating Bodo's bagels en route to the library, nothing can quite compare to sitting down for a nice meal with friends. Luckily, UVA students have a ton of options when they want to get their Charlottesville brunch on. 

From the Corner to the Downtown Mall, I've explored all the brunches Charlottesville has to offer to collect some of my all-time favorites in one epic list.

With that, here are the best Charlottesville brunch spots to check out based on your mood:

When You Want To Feel Classy: Café Caturra

Café Caturra is my go-to restaurant for just about every nice occasion, and brunch is no exception. This European-inspired bistro has something for everyone. From croissant French toast to biscuits and gravy to mac n’ cheese, you really can't lose with this go-to Corner brunch spot.

If you’ve got work to do after brunch, make sure to test out Caturra’s espresso bar. If you’re in the mood to celebrate the weekend with a boozy brunch, buy a mimosa for $6 and get every mimosa after that for one cent. Yes, you heard that right, one cent.

When You Want Brunch Every Day of the Week: The Pigeon Hole

fried egg, muffin, bacon, egg, avocado
Zoe Denenberg

When you're craving chocolate chip pancakes on a Tuesday, Pigeon Hole is the place to go. Located in a little blue house on Elliewood, Pigeon Hole is set apart from the craziness of the Corner and provides the perfect atmosphere for brunch.

Pigeon Hole's menu always gives me some serious trouble deciding what to order, but I usually default to my all-time favorite, the egg biscuits with added bacon and avocado.

#SpoonTip: If you don't order the egg biscuits, get a basket of Pigeon Hole's warm biscuits with strawberry butter for the table. I promise, you will not be disappointed.

When You're Hungover AF: Trinity

hash, scrambled, fried egg, toast, bacon, egg
Zoe Denenberg

There is no better place to brunch than the place where you partied the night before. Trinity has a tiny brunch menu (literally three items), but trust me when I say it's got everything you need after a wild night out.

If you're feeling dead inside, the breakfast burrito will revive you with lots of amazing grease and protein, and if you're looking to keep the party going, Trinity's "brunch punch," a mix of orange vodka, triple sec and juices, will undoubtedly do the trick. 

#SpoonTip: Trinity's T.A.B.L.E. breakfast sandwich is even included on Elevate, the Corner meal plan

When You Feel Like Exploring: The Whiskey Jar

The Whiskey Jar is the perfect place to brunch before wandering around Charlottesville's Downtown Mall. After all, chicken and waffles pair perfectly with old bookstores and vintage shopping. To top it off, no brunch at The Whiskey Jar is complete without dessert, which is all made from scratch by baker Rachel Pennington.

#SpoonTip: Close by on 2nd Street is the iX Art Park, a must-see sculpture and mural park in downtown Charlottesville. Check it out after your meal at The Whiskey Jar.

When Your Parents Are In Town: Oakhurst Inn Café

crepe, banana, pancake, toast, french toast
Zoe Denenberg

A quaint little restaurant and café nestled over on JPA, the Oakhurst Inn Café is the perfect place to take your parents for a nice brunch when they visit. The menu is limited, but the star of the show is definitely the buckwheat pancakes. I know, they sound insane and super healthy, but trust me on this one: they're awesome.

When You Want To Feel at Home: Blue Moon Diner

cake, pastry, bread, butter, syrup, sweet, crepe, pancake
Annie Mester

Coming from New Jersey, I am used to top-notch diner food, and Blue Moon Diner does not disappoint. You'll instantly feel at home at Blue Moon Diner, but its beautiful powdered sugar pancake art probably beats your mom's attempt at a whipped cream smiley face. Sometimes you just need some greasy eggs and potatoes to start your day off right...

Can't make the trip over to Blue Moon? Learn some of their tips on making killer pancakes here.

When You Want To Escape Grounds: MarieBette Café and Bakery

MarieBette is the ideal place to get away from Grounds and absorb yourself in the world of brunch. You most likely won't run into last night's hookup at MarieBette, but, be warned, I have seen a few of my professors at this popular Charlottesville café and bakery.

MarieBette has options for everyone; it serves three different types of baked eggs, from classic herbed baked eggs to a variation with smoked salmon and dill. Trust me, you'll love this place.

When You're Catching Up With Friends: Fig

With its central location on the Corner and warm, inviting atmosphere, Fig is a great place to meet up for a nice brunch. You may arrive at Fig with the intention of getting some of the best chicken and waffles in Charlottesville, but it's hard to resist Fig's Oreo pancakes.

Fig doesn't just have some of UVA's best brunch; it's serving up great dishes for lunch and dinner as well. Learn more about the dining experience at Fig here.

When You Don't Want To Break The Bank: Grit Café Downtown

Three words: breakfast all day. Yep, you heard that right, Grit's Downtown location and new Stonefield shop now serve dishes like avocado toast and breakfast burritos all day long. And bonus, the avocado toast is a mere $4.75.

You're definitely familiar with Grit's location on the Corner, an ideal study spot with artisan coffee and pastries, but the Downtown storefront is a hidden gem. Just order and pay at the counter and your food will be brought over to you for a quick, casual brunch. 

So there you have it, the best brunch spots in Charlottesville for every occasion. I hope this list encourages you to ditch your O'Hill omelette and start exploring C'ville's epic brunch scene. And, most importantly, don't forget the first rule of brunching: never forget to take a photo of your meal.