There's nothing quite like going to a professional sports game. The atmosphere is so exciting and seeing your favorite players in person is intoxicating. For me, though, the best part of going to a game is the food. Whether it be the pre-football game tailgate eats or the baseball game hot dogs and more, there's nothing quite like the food that goes along with sports.

The only bummer with sports games eats is not getting to eat everything the arena has to offer. Luckily for all you Bostonians, I decided to try everything at TD Garden to see what y'all should try next time you're there.

Sal's Pizza

chocolate, pizza, cake
Tori Weber

What could be better than a slice of pizza bigger than your face??? I'll wait for an answer. When you see one of these huge ass slices of Sal's Pizza you're going to have to pinch yourself because there's no way this is real. Except it is. And it's delicious. And amazing. TBH if you go to The Garden and only have time for one meal, this should be it. It's THAT good. 

Back Bay BBQ

nachos, cheese
Tori Weber

Living in the South has set my barbecue standards unbelievably high. Last week one of my friends even recommended a barbecue restaurant in Boston and I scoffed at her. But, Back Bay BBQ did not disappoint.

I got the nachos with brisket and although they weren't nearly as cheesy as I would have liked and I very much regretted not getting pulled pork because the brisket was impossible eat in nacho form, it was still amazing flavor. Next time I would make some better ordering choices, but I still loved every bite.

Causeway Carvery

If you're looking for a convenient eat that will fill you up and isn't your usual sporting event cheeseburger, look no further than Causeway Carvery. They have sandwiches that are so much more than your typical ham and cheese.

As far as a guy's night out goes when you just wanna watch the game, drink beer, and eat something to absorb that beer, this is probably your best option. Also sandwiches are easy to hold so your food doesn't have to distract you from the game.

Frito Lay Test Kitchen

cheese, popcorn, bacon, cheddar
Tori Weber

This vendor is everything to me. Here you can get mac and cheese topped with Cheetos, Flamin' Hot Cheetos, or Jalepeño Chips. They also have the crowd pleaser Walking Tacos (seriously my guilty pleasure) and Cheetos popcorn. Yeah, you read that right.

The mac and cheese is gooey af and the crunch of the toppings makes it the perfect thing to eat. There are no words to describe the satisfaction I felt while eating this mac and cheese. Plus, they make it easy to eat the way they package all of their items. 10/10 would recommend eating something from here.

Lucky's Chicken

Going to a game with some picky people? Do not fret, parents and picky eaters alike. Lucky's Chicken has exactly what your game day needs. They have chicken tenders and fries and a huuuuuge variety of sauces for your chicken. I

will admit, they aren't the best tenders I've ever had, but the atmosphere of being in the game makes them a great thing to eat. They're also located everywhere throughout the arena so you will never be without your tenders.

Big Bad Burger

Yet another staple of sports games: burgers. You can't go wrong with this one! Here you can pick up a standard single, double, triple, or even quadruple patty burger. I'm a HUGE burger supporter and I'm truly wondering when anyone has ever regretted ordering a burger. So if you're into your typical, meaty, good-ass arena eats, look no further.

Hub Hotdog

For your standard concessions, Hub Hotdog is the go-to. They have hotdogs, popcorn, pretzels, soda, peanuts, etc. All of the food you imagine when you go to a sporting event is here, so you really can't go wrong. I personally like to be a little more creative, but I always can enjoy myself a tub of popcorn, no matter the flavor. My only complaint is that the lines between periods or quarters are always ridiculous.


Tori Weber

Before you judge me for ordering tacos while watching hockey just hear me out. First of all, I never say no to a good taco. Second of all, these tacos are AMAZING. I went to a game a month or so ago and the people sitting in front of me ordered these tacos and watching them eat them seriously made me drool.

Obviously the problem with eating tacos in a crowded arena is the inconvenience in actually eating a taco because has anyone ever eaten a taco without making a mess? Regardless, these were phenomenal and I would not let your worries about being messy sway you from ordering these. Just unreal. 

Legal Sea Foods

Super seafood fans can rejoice at knowing they can get their fix while watching their favorite Boston sports team tear it up. You can get your typical Legal eats at the Garden like chowder, lobster rolls, fish 'n chips, and even shrimp cocktails. This stand brings a whole new element to game day dining and I am not complaining. There's never a wrong time to have a lobster roll tbh. 

The only complaint I have about the food at The Garden is the pricing, but that's something you're going to encounter anytime you go to any sports arena. If you're gonna commit to eating and viewing, try not the let the prices dissuade you from indulging.