Forget juicing. That’s a trend of the past.

The latest fad diet has arrived to kick off the new year, and it involves eating tacos for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. Yup, you read that right.


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But before you rush off to the nearest Taco Bell to begin your dream diet, there’s a small catch you need to know – the taco cleanse is entirely vegan.

Don’t let the lack of carnitas hold you back though. The Taco Cleanse cookbook that started the trend has over 75 recipes “that will detox your dreams and redefine your dinner.”

From learning how to make your own tortillas to creating churro-waffle tacos, there shouldn’t be any real difficulty adapting to the taco diet, because who can say no to healthy tacos?

So how did this become a thing? A group of self-proclaimed taco scientists from Austin, Texas created the 30-day cleanse and turned it into the cookbook with witty writing and even a few supplementary margarita recipes (note–there’s no rules about what you can or cannot drink).


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The cookbook has already snatched the #1 Best Seller in Cooking Humor title on Amazon.

Even though you’d still need to count your calories and the taco scientists don’t promise weight loss, it sounds like there’s finally a fad diet that people will want to try and not give up as easily. For some Taco Tuesday inspiration, check out these recipes.