Another April Fool’s Day has come and gone and left its mark on the food world. Companies have taken to their Instagram pages, posting prank flavors and product versions that commenters either find rather delicious or disgusting. Sure, these are intended to be a joke or rather an ironically, un-tasty flavor combination. But maybe they will be the soft launch to something we never knew we wanted. Here are the best April Fools' Day pranks from food brands.

1. Oreo with Funfetti

Imagine if this collaboration of the decade was real. Each package is filled with two sleeves of the chocolate Oreo cookies with no cream filling. The middle sleeve is filled with Funfetti frosting. You could take two chocolate cookies and make your own Oreo. But then you bite into that funfetti-filled cookie and wake up to reality. You’ve been pranked, and apparently Oreo has launched this fake, yet fantastic flavor before.

2. Extra Salty Cheez-It

Cheez-It hopes you're not too salty about their April Fools’ Day prank “introducing” their Extra Salty Cheez-It. While this was a prank, many commenters felt as if this cracker should make its way to the grocery store. Sort of like a crossbreed of a pretzel and saltine cracker, this is the flavor combo you didn’t know you needed.

3. Domino’s Just Crusts

Perhaps you were a kid who did not eat your pizza crust. Perhaps you're now an adult who does. Nonetheless, Domino’s in the U.K. teased their new product, Just Crusts. Imagine this as the hybrid of their Bread Twists and Cheesy Bread that comes with Garlic & Herb Dip. British radio host Roman Kemp suggested these crusts come stuffed, and one can only agree. Perhaps Dominos will even be willing to serve these crusts with a side of marinara sauce if they actually add them to their menu. Hopefully, they will come without the bite marks.

4. Triscuit’s “New” Flavors

Triscuit launched 10 new flavors on April Fools’ Day, corresponding to beloved American cities. “Some of these would be legit though…” commented @silverbasilboutique on the post, and they are right. The Buffalo Wings and Houston Honey Brisket are some of the most palatable flavors. Others include Phoenix Prickly Pear and New York City Everything Bagel with Lox which may just be too much for a cracker to hold.

5. SunButter Natural Crunch Cereal

SunButter has natural, creamy, and chocolate butter spreads. One can even buy a 46-pound pail of their creamy flavor. What they don’t have is cereal. They did tempt us cereal lovers with a product we may all fawn over. This crossover between Coco Puffs and Reese’s Puffs could be your new favorite breakfast cereal if only it existed.

6. Chips Ahoy No Chips

We might be used to Chips Ahoy cookies filled with chocolate and peanut butter, stuffed with brownie, baked thin and crispy, or packed with extra chunky chocolate chips. From time to time. you may have picked all the pieces out of the cookie out of boredom. No need to do that anymore. Chips Ahoy has a No Chips option. Wonder what it tastes like.

7. Wheat Thins, more like Wheat Circles

Almost 99% of the time, Wheat Thins are square. Sometimes they break in transport and look a little banged up, but they never come perfectly round. Now they have a circular option like Ritz, but maybe it won’t dissolve into dust before you put it in your mouth. Perfectly circular, these are exactly what you’ll want to use for your next charcuterie board.

8. Nutella Tic Tacs

Nutella is the delightful midnight snack you sneak before creeping off to bed. Mini Nutella is just the cutest. Some places offer these travel-sized mini Nutella, but Tic Tac is looking to offer something even smaller. Are these mints? Or are they mini spreads that you can keep in your pocket?