I can almost guarantee that if you whip out a box of cheez-its at 2 AM after a night out, almost any college student will become your new best friend. It is nearly impossible to deny the squares.

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Lauren Katzenstein

Fun Fact: These classic cheesy squares first appeared in 1921. Ever since then, they have been coming up with new and wacky flavor combinations that make you say their new slogan "Get your own box."  When you are in the store and see shelves full of different flavors, which one do you choose?  Can't decide?  No worries, take a look at the (unofficial) ranking of some of the different Cheez It Flavors and see what my suite mates have to say when they tried them!

1. Cheez-It Grooves: Sharp White Cheddar

Lauren Katzenstein

"LOVE this concept. Great texture and great flavor. It is like an immediate flavor shock." - E.M

"I really like this flavor because it's super cheesy, and not as salty as some of the others." - S.D

"Since the grooves are more flat and rigid, it's almost like I'm eating a cheesy chip instead of a cracker." - C.G

2. Cheez- It Duoz: Bacon & Cheddar

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Lauren Katzenstein

"The flavor reminds me of a cheeseburger. It has a nice smoky kick to it, but isn't too overwhelming. I feel like they were very successful at combining the two flavors." - E.M

"Although it smells like dog food (particularly bacon strips), they taste like a taco mix." - S.D

"The seasoning tastes like a chipotle powder, which gives it a nice and rich flavor." - C.G

3. Cheez-It Snack Mix Classic

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Lauren Katzenstein

"Tastes just like my childhood." - E.M

"When eating each part of the mix together, the taste reminds me of a rice cake." - S.D

"Mmmmmm sweet and salty, my favorite." - C.G

4. Cheez-It Duoz: Jalapeño & Cheddar Jack

Lauren Katzenstein

"I wish that they were a bit more spicy. The cheesy flavor is great, but when I saw that it was half jalapeño, I was hoping for more of a kick." - E.M

"Tastes like sour cream and onion dip." - S.D

"It tastes like a mix of pickles, salt and vinegar chips, and cheese.  Although that sounds like a gross combination, it was strangely really good." - C.G

5. Cheez-It White Cheddar

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Lauren Katzenstein

"Very strong flavor of Parmesan. I feel like these would be great as a topping on pizza. It would give it the cheesy taste that everyone wants, yet will also add a nice crunch." - E.M

"There is more flavor on the outside of the cracker than inside the cracker itself. It is a great sensation of flavor when you put the cracker on your tongue." - S.D

"Combining this flavor with the Bacon & Cheddar Duoz flavor would be awesome" - C.G

6. Cheez-It Original

candy, sweet, cookie, bread, cracker, pastry
Lauren Katzenstein

"I mean, its a classic. How could you not love it?" - E.M

"It is more salty than I remembered, but not in a bad way. There is a good balance between salty and cheesy" - S.D

"Original cheez-its are the real deal. Adding different flavors is great, but nothing will ever replace the original" - C.G