Oreo has become a household name hasn't it? Across continents and borders, Oreo has marked its territory and invaded our menus. It is accommodative too, entering into native cuisines without losing its essence. Have you heard of Oreo flavored chocolate spread being used in traditional Indian snacks like dosas, samosas, etc?

Here is a little history behind this mouth-watering cookie. The original biscuit that is two round biscuits made of chocolate flavour filled with creme inside was created in 1912. Over time the original cookie is very muck alike of what we have today, only the design on the biscuit is different. 

There are number of things you can make this evergreen flavour and I'm sure your kids will love it! Whatever the occasion might be, a birthday bash, movie night, game night, Oreo snacks can be served and they will loved by all irrespective of the age. 

So here's a list of things you can make at home with Oreos! 

1. Oreo Mug Cake (Eggless)

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Megan Clarkson

The easiest way to quench your dessert thirst is by making this super easy microwave mug cake! And the Oreo version is simple the best. It's so easy and efficient that even kids can make it on their own. Here's the best recipe I found. P.S. Tried and tested!

2. Oreo Ice-Cream

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Nicole Burnett

Summer is here and so is our ice-cream cravings. If I tell you that you can make delicious ice-cream that too oreo cookie flavoured will you believe me? Well, it's true! I recently shared a recipe on how to make the perfect homemade oreo ice-cream. I hope you'll make one soon! 

3. Oreo Milkshake

Teodora Maftei

Almost all cafes and restaurants now serve milkshakes and they are a big hit in the summers.  The star of the show is one and only Oreo Milkshake! It fits every kind of mood you're in and leaves you fresh and relaxed. It is also a hit amongst children and <5 ingredient recipe! 

4. Oreo Pancake 

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Ethan Cappello

Is pancake your favourite breakfast? Have you tried making different kinds of pancakes and almost succeeded at them all? Then this recipe is for you! Enjoy your all time favourite breakfast with your all time favourite cookie flavour. There's no harm to put on a few calories right!? 

You can also try making this recipe with Vegan Oreo Pancakes.

5. Oreo Flavored Cereal 

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Caroline Ingalls

Again something that your kids will enjoy, especially if they are giving you a hard time in finishing up their cereal. You can simply add crush some oroes and put them in the their bowl along with milk and normal cereal or you can buy Oreo O's Cereal available at online retail stores. 

6. Oreo Hot Chocolate 

Hot chocolate is an irresistible winter drink and it's so good that I even enjoy it in summers. There are many recipes that tell you how to make the most delicious hot chocolate and I'm sharing my favourite one! For the Oreo flavour you can add crushed biscuits along with the other ingredients and enjoy this enriching drink! 

7. Oreo McFlurry 

Apoorva Jain

I'm sharing this to show that how Oreo invaded our menu like literally. Even popular food joints are caught up in this race of making consumer friendly eatables in Oreo flavour. And we enjoy it to the core! 

8. Alcoholic Oreos

Yes you heard it right, alcoholic oreos is a real thing and you can make it at your place easily! Hosting a party was never this fun was it? 

9. Oreo Dessert

A perfect combination is oreo flavour in a dessert. I'm sharing this relatively easy no bake dessert which is a hit at family gatherings or sleepovers. This is for the ultimate oreo lovers! All you need is a a packet of oreos and courage to gain some extra calories.

So how many dishes are you going to try?