McDonald's is famous for a myriad of menu offerings from the beloved Big Mac and the cinnamon-sweet baked apple pie, all the way to the iconic fries and extra spicy Sprite. Of course, we are still all actively waiting for the Snack Wrap to make its way back to their menus. (It's just the perfect lunch, dinner, and early morning treat!) One McDonald's item that is worth the wait and is always promised to return each and every winter is its famous Shamrock Shake. The green milkshake with mint and vanilla flavors is delectably topped with whipped cream to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Who needs corned beef anyway? Of course, if you're looking to craft the limited-time, seasonal shake during any time of the year, it is super possible. Here's how you can make your own McDonald's Shamrock Shake at home. 

Shamrock Shake Copycat Recipe

You can make a single serving of this milkshake in a personal blender or NutriBullet. According to TikTok user @icecreamwithjules, all you need to do is start with three scoops of your preferred vanilla ice cream. 

Next, you'll add a few drops of mint extract into your blender with some green food coloring. Finally, add 1/3 cup of milk to make the concoction drinkable. Add your whipped cream and sup through a straw. 

Of course, you can level up your mint flavor by starting with mint chip ice cream in lieu of vanilla. Additionally, you can def make your Shamrock Shake boozy in the privacy of your own home with the addition of a shot (or two) of peppermint schnapps.

When is McDonald's bring the Shamrock Shake back in 2024?

Every year, McDonald's rolls out its Shamrock Shakes in late February around President's Day. This means that the shakes are most likely to return on February 19 or 20. They will be served through St. Patrick's Day. Stay tuned for more updates on McDonald's minty green dessert offerings.