Love it or hate it, McDonald’s is without a doubt an influential figure in both the US and international countries.

While international McDonald’s restaurants serve the typical menu items like the Filet O’ Fish, chicken nuggets and french fries, oftentimes these restaurants serve slightly different versions of usual menu items designed to appeal to the particular country’s taste.

When American fast food goes international, things can get weird. Here are 11 international versions of McDonald’s menu items that you never knew existed. 

Canada: McLobster Roll

Canada serves up lobster salad on a bun, fittingly called the McLobster Roll. It features 100% Atlantic Lobster meat, diced celery, light salad dressing and lettuce.

Luckily for American readers, the McLobster Roll is also available in certain US locations. While the McLobster Roll is pricey (roughly $8), it is one of the healthiest items on the menu

Greece: Greek Mac

The Greek Mac can be made with either beef or chicken and comes with tzatziki sauce, lettuce and tomato on pita bread.

India: McVeggie

This sandwich offers a refreshing option in McDonald’s mostly meat-based menu. It is geared toward India’s large vegetarian population. According to McDonald’s India’s website, McDonald’s has developed a menu specifically to address the special requirements of vegetarians.

Germany: Nürnburger

The Nürnburger, served in Germany, is a triple bratwurst sandwich with mustard.

Israel: McKebab

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind a kebab on flatbread.

India: McCurry Pan

This menu item from India is far from your average Big Mac. Instead, the McCurry Pan features a rectangular bread bowl filled with chicken and vegetables in curry sauce. This is one of several vegetarian options available in India.

Pakistan, Morocco: McArabia

The McArabia features two grilled Kofta patties, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and garlic sauce on flatbread.

France: M Burger

Leave it to the French to make their McDonald's classy. McD's in France has the M Burger, featuring a beef patty, bacon, Emmental cheese slices, tomato, and batavia lettuce all on a baked ciabatta roll.

Turkey: McTurco

The McTurco from Turkey is two beef patties, vegetables and cayenne pepper sauce on pita bread.

Latin America: McMollete

The McMollete, served in Latin America, comes with refried beans, cheese and pico de gallo on an English Muffin.

Germany: McB

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Photo courtesy of Birger King of Flickr.

The McB is McDonald’s first all-organic burger. However, it was only offered in German McDonald’s from October through November 18, 2015.

While McDonald’s does not currently offer the McB in the US, the company has been known to test menu items in smaller markets before selling them to wider audiences. Although it's been a few years since testing, we're still holding out hope.