No matter where you are or what time of day it is, there’s something about those golden arches that just makes you feel *some type of way*. Maybe it’s the smell of ‘nugs fresh out of the fryer or that first big bite of a Big Mac. For me, it’s the taste of ice-cold Sprite — preferably mixed with either Iced Tea or Fruitopia. (Don’t knock it until you try it). But why is it that McDonald’s Sprite is so much stronger (and better) than every other fast food chain?

To get to the bottom of this question, I decided to go behind the curtain and ask someone who knows the ins and outs of serving up McDonald's Sprite daily. Here’s what management had to say.


McDonald’s uses a higher ratio of syrup concentrate to carbonated water, so that you get more of the delicious flavor you want. It also amps that sugar content up, making your body crave it more. This is why that first sip hits you like finals week after a semester of telling yourself C's get degrees. 


McDonald’s filters its water twice as much as competitors, giving your Sprite that “gold standard” quality every time, because better water means better Sprite. The systems they use are also high-end filtration systems with routine maintenance programs to keep everything in tip-top shape. 


As with all other fountain drinks sold at McDon’s, both the syrup and water are kept chilled at all times so that every cup is filled with peak carbonation and peak lemon-limey freshness. This pre-determined temperature allows ice to melt at a perfect rate for the syrup to water ratio. And yes, even the ice is specially chosen to melt properly.

The Straw

Last but not least, is the extra wide straw. This straw isn’t supersized just for the aesthetic, it’s so that more of your McDonald's Sprite (or other beverage of choice) can hit more of your taste buds at once. Maximum exposure = maximum flavour.

Thirsty yet?

#SpoonTip: Did you know that McDonald's and Coca-Cola (Sprite's parent company) have been in business for so long that McDonald's gets a better price on all of their products than any other fast food restaurant, and flags at McDonald's around the world flew at half-staff when the CEO of Coca-Cola died in 1997? Get you a relationship like McDon's and Coca-Cola.

Now the next time you go to buy that water cup from McDonald's and fill it up with Sprite instead, you know exactly what makes that McDonald's Sprite so strong. Just make sure you're ready for that first sip!