McDonald’s pie is truly a cultural icon. The steaming hot, rectangular pastry delights (which are technically turnovers) are an affordable sweet treat that always hits. I will go out on a limb and say that the phrase “American as apple pie” must be referring to Mickey D’s apple pies. Especially since your basic circular apple pie originated in England. These beautiful yet humble oblong pastries made their menu debut in 1968 and have been an American classic ever since.

The pies were originally fried, and as legend has it, utterly delicious. But in a tragic turn of events, McDonald’s discontinued the fried variety in favor of a baked version in 1992. The baked apple pie is still a delight, easily one of the best fast food desserts of all time. But if you have your heart set on trying the fried variety, it remains available at only one location in Downey, California.

Speaking of hard-to-find McDonald’s pie flavors, the fast food chain has released over 40 pie varieties across the globe since 1968. From pumpkin to holiday, these fleeting flavors are sought-after and much-beloved by their devoted followings. I, for one, desperately searched for the infamous Haupia pie in Hawaii, but was tragically never able to find it.

What is the new McDonald’s pie flavor?

This week, the news became official: there’s a new limited-edition pie available in U.S. markets. The cookies & crème pie combines chocolate sandwich cookie pieces, fluffy vanilla crème filling, and a chocolate cookie crumb crust. I’m not drooling, you’re drooling. The cookies & crème pie has previously been available in international markets, but this is its American debut, and people are justifiably excited.

The McDonald’s cookies & crème pie has even received the ultimate pastry compliment from several reviewers: It’s not too sweet.

Where is the new pie available?

Unfortunately, the new pie is currently only available in select regions. The lucky locales include Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, New York, and apparently not my home state of North Carolina. Not that I’m bitter or anything. If you are fortunate enough to get your hands on the new cookies & crème pie, TikTok already has a hack to take it to the next level, and fortunately it doesn’t involve hash browns.

Take your pie, crumble it into an Oreo McFlurry, mix the concoction with your spoon-straw, and enjoy your cookie-filled, creamy deliciousness. TBH, I independently thought of this combo as soon as I heard about the new pie flavor. What can I say? Great minds think alike.

Tragically, I haven’t yet been able to try what I am calling the “pie Oreo squared McFlurry," but according to TikTok it’s a truly delightful ice cream innovation. I am getting serious FOMO. McDonald’s, if you’re reading this, please bring the cookies & crème pie to all of your locations ASAP. America deserves equal access to this dessert deliciousness.