In the past, I’ve indulged in several odd — some would say disgusting — food combos. I’ve eaten eggs with jam, pickles with peanut butter, and popcorn with marmite (that tar-like paste Australians eat with everything). So when I saw @eatwithlali’s video reviewing the hash brown McFlurry sandwich, my taste buds started to tingle. I just had to have it. No matter the cost (JK…I would probably tap out at $2000).

How to order the hash brown McFlurry at McDonald’s

You just need to order two hash browns and a McFlurry of your choice to make this gorgeously edible combination. I chose an Oreo McFlurry because that’s been my favorite since I choked on an M&M in kindergarten. However, I should probably get over my M&Ms-phobia because tons of TikTok taste-test videos make it clear that the Hash Brown-M&Ms McFlurry Sandwich is foodgasm-worthy.

What to expect from the hash brown McFlurry at McDonald’s 

Napkins are essential to your safety while eating this snack. I found out the hard way after I immediately plopped some McFlurry on the steaming hot hash browns, and the whole thing turned into a sort of sugary potato soup. I would suggest letting the hash browns cool for a good ten minutes before adding dollops of McFlurry. That said, I loved eating the sandwich in all its messiness. The flavors brought back memories of weekend days spent at the mall food court drinking milkshakes with french fries and reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Good times…

As you can see in the photo below, I realized my error mid-first bite and began frantically scrounging for some napkins.

Joelle Stephenson

How to get McDonald’s hash brown McFlurry sandwich on a budget

I would suggest ordering the sandwich in person. I paid around $18 through Grubhub, but the total cost in-store would come to $10.43 before tax. Also, there’s no rule book for this sandwich. You could always split one hash brown into two and make a smaller sandwich for a more affordable option.

How to make the McDonald’s hash brown McFlurry sandwich at home

You can make this glorious concoction at home. You just need ice cream, milk, and Oreos for the McFlurry portion and potatoes with oil, an egg, and some finely chopped onion to cook up the hash browns. Then, sandwich those delicious snacks together and you have the perfect meal to accompany your Succession finale watch party.