Oreo is known for having a wide range of flavors, from mint to lemon to birthday cake. And those are just its permanent line of flavors. The cookie brand in the past has had an array of odd offerings available for a limited time: jelly donut, limeade, root beer float. Now, Oreo is bringing back one of those fan favorites, cotton candy. In 2015, Cotton Candy Oreo was a limited edition  cookie that people absolutely loved. Now, almost a decade later, it is bringing it back, and fans are over the moon about it. 

I might be the biggest Oreo-lover out there so I always love to try new flavored cremes, and most of the time I fall in love again. So anytime I hear about a new Oreo flavor I get excited. Cotton candy is no different.

To celebrate this new flavor release, I decided to reflect on my Oreo addiction (I am an Oreo fiend and will eat them any chance I get) and rank my favorite Oreo flavors. Here are the best Oreo flavors ranked. No questions please. 

7. Lemon Oreos

Photo by Oreo

I have never been much of a lemon dessert gal, so it’s fitting I don’t love the lemon Oreos. To me, it takes away from the classic Oreo taste, and it doesn’t give me the same satisfaction as other Oreo flavors do. I usually go for more chocolate-y desserts, so I wouldn’t ever choose to eat this flavor. I think, though, if you love lemon sweets, you would probably really enjoy this flavor — it’s just not for me. 

6. Mint Oreos

Photo by Oreo

I will say, I like this flavor better than the lemon because chocolate and mint do go together, but for me it just isn’t a favorite — it tastes like my toothpaste, tbh. If you are a mint and chocolate type of person though, you will most definitely love this flavor. 

5. Birthday Cake Oreos

Photo by Oreo

Birthday Cake is a universally-loved flavor…except by me. This cream is simply too sweet. It makes sense I don’t love this one since I find myself reaching more for chocolate Oreos. I think if you typically go for birthday cake flavored desserts you will love this Oreo. 

4. Caramel Coconut Oreos

Photo by Oreo

I have an interesting take on this flavor because there is nothing I love more than chocolate and caramel mixed together. However, there is nothing I dislike more than coconut. I went in with preconceived notions about this Oreo. I don’t love the hint of coconut (obviously), but it’s subtle enough that I would have it again. Coconut lovers, this flavor is for you. It is a fun flavor to try and has delicious hints of caramel and coconut mixed into the chocolate cookie. 

3. Dark Chocolate Oreos

Photo by Oreo

Dark chocolate is hit or miss for me, but when I tried this flavor, I kept noticing that I wanted more of it. It goes so well with the cookies and creates the perfect mix of not-too-sweet dark chocolate with the traditional crunchy Oreo cookies. It is definitely a staple in my apartment. If you are like me and find some of these flavors too sweet, I definitely recommend trying this flavor, even if you aren’t typically a dark chocolate type of person.

2. Java Chip Oreos

Photo by Oreo

This flavor really surprised me because I never tried coffee desserts, but I love it so much. The coffee-flavored cream mixed with tiny chocolate chips is just chefs kiss! For an extra special experience, I suggest dipping this flavor in milk (I know, milk for cookie, groundbreaking), and it will really elevate the taste — for some reason the two just go together like PB&J. The extra crunch in these cookies are what make them so special, and it actually tastes like there are real ground up coffee beans in the cream.

1. Chocolate Hazelnut Oreos

Photo by Oreo

I absolutely love hazelnut flavored anything, so it’s no surprise I really enjoyed this flavor. I like to describe this flavor as Nutella meets Oreo — it truly tastes like Nutella spread between two chocolate cookies, and what’s a better combo than that? This cookie has the perfect taste as it’s not too sweet and not too strong — I wolf it down a million in one sitting. If you are wondering which flavor to get, stop thinking and just buy this flavor. It is too good not to try.