Autumn is filled with all things spiced, toasty, and pumpkin-flavored - and people look forward to those treats all year long. McDonald's is taking some inspiration from other food chains and adding a seasonal fall item to their menu.

The company has brought back its limited edition pumpkin pie for the holiday season. The pumpkin pie is described as  "smooth, rich pumpkin filling baked in a tender and flaky pastry crust and dusted in cinnamon sugar." Similar to their apple pies, these treats come in a turn-over style crust. The pumpkin pie is baked in-store daily just like the apple pie. 

Like with all new trends, people ran to social media to voice their opinions. Social media, especially Twitter, was flooded with people's responses to the limited edition item.

Here are some of the positive tweets regarding the new addition of pumpkin pie to the McDonald's menu:

"This should make your day! McDonalds pumpkin pie is back! You're welcome!," tweeted @cushman_ali. 

"I gotta admit...That pumpkin pie is pretty flawless @McDonalds," said @Justin_Forshaw.

@wherethehood_at tweeted, "McDonald's has pumpkin pies. Just housed 3 of them. I'm in heaven."

While some individuals were appreciative of the spiced pie, others were not as pleased with the addition.

Here are some of the more negative tweets that are letting individuals know to stay away from the sweet treat:

"I tried the new @McDonalds pumpkin pie so you don't have to! #pass #wherestheflavor," @PeteGKing said.

"McDonald's Limited Edition Pumpkin Pie: not terrible, but not sure it's better than apple. Solid B," commented @43County.

"McDonald's had the nerve to ask me if I wanted a pumpkin pie instead of waiting for a fresh apple," @French_Montali said.

Some people even took to Twitter letting the world know that McDonald's is giving them pumpkin pies instead of apple pies like they ordered.

@tripleabattery wrote, "@McDonalds hi i ordered an apple pie then waited over 30 minutes just for them to mess up and give me a pumpkin pie.

"dear mcdonald's, for the second time this week: PUMPKIN PIE IS NOT APPLE PIE PUMPKIN PIE IS NOT APPLE PIE pUMPkin PiE iS nOt APpLE PiE YOURE RUINING MY LIFE," @SabrinaTheRebel tweeted.

Based on the comments, it seems like customers are split down the middle. Some love the limited edition item, while others think it is a waste of time and money. A few scorned customers just want their favorite apple pie on the menu. They do not want the pumpkin pie pushed in their face or given to them instead of the apple pie. If you want to give the dessert a chance, the pumpkin pie is priced at $0.89 or $1.50 for two pies.

While the McDonald's dessert may not taste like your Grandmother's pumpkin pie, it is a quick way to fix your craving at a reasonable price. The only way to determine where you stand on this debate is to go to your local McDonald's and try the pie yourself. The pie will not be around forever so make sure you go and try one as soon as possible!

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