Whether you’ll be heading home for Thanksgiving break or feasting in your dorm room, Spoon’s easiest pumpkin pie recipes are the surefire way to trick your friends and family into thinking you’re a full-fledged adult.

Sugar Cookie Crust

Pumpkin Pie

Photo by Erica Coulter at Indiana University

This simple and delicious recipe cuts out the most difficult part of any pie: the crust. Instead of rolling your own dough, this recipe uses a roll of cookie dough to cut prep time down to just 15 minutes.

Looking for another pie crust option? This vegan piecrust recipe has only four ingredients.

Pumpkin Pie (In a Mug)

Pumpkin Pie

Photo by Sarah Joh at USC

If you’ll be feasting in your humble dorm room abode rather than at grandma’s, this recipe is the perfect way for you to get your pumpkin pie fix. Combine pumpkin puree (available at Whole Foods) and simple ingredients you already have in your fridge to create this dormified pumpkin pie in just 10 minutes.

Healthy Pumpkin Pie?!

Pumpkin Pie

Photo by Abigail Graham

That’s right. Cutting out the crust, using pumpkin instead of pumpkin pie filling, and Truvia instead of sugar makes this pie just 420 calories. Guilt-free deliciousness.

A Piece of Cake

Pumpkin Pie

Photo by Kathleen Young at University of Chicago

No, really. If pie isn’t your thing, you can still top off Thanksgiving dinner with this modified version. Combine cake mix, pureed pumpkin, and instant vanilla pudding for a recipe that can double as breakfast coffee cake – and another excuse to eat dessert for every meal.