Forget candy or chocolate bunnies — this year, I want the newest chocolate Stanley in my Easter basket. Some Stanley lovers were expecting the new color to be “mocha,” but the water bottle brand just revealed that the newest color is chocolate gold. The 40-ounce quencher is a rich chocolate brown color, but with gold accents. There is a rim of shimmery gold right below the lid, and the logo and name decals are in gold as well. I feel like Timothee Chalamet should do a cameo with this Stanley for Wonka.

When can I buy the chocolate gold Stanley?

The launch of the Chocolate Gold Quencher is on February 27. Unlike the other H2.0 quenchers, this confectionate Stanley will be available for purchase for $50, as opposed to the typical $45. As of right now, it will only be available on the Stanley website for one day. But, the launch will look a little bit different then previous drops. Just like the Applebee’s Date Night Pass and Ticketmaster concert sales, Stanley has opted for a queue system to try and reduce customer stress and website overload. But we all know the queue system has its faults too — no I didn’t get Taylor Swift tickets, and yes I’m still bitter about it.

Photo via Stanley

How can I buy the chocolate gold Stanley?

Right now, you can go on the Stanley website and sign up for a notification reminder for when the entry opens between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. ET on February 27. You don’t have to sign up in order to join the entry, but if you do, the notification will include a direct link to where you can submit your entry. If not, you can go to this page, and click the “enter now” button. Once there, submit an entry for the chance to be selected to buy the Chocolate Gold Quencher, limited to one per entry. Within 24 hours of your entry, Stanley will email you with the results of your entry.

It’s unclear how many Chocolate Gold Quenchers will be available, and if the entry process is first-come-first-served, or randomized. But after seeing all of the videos of people physically fighting over the Valentine's Stanley, I don’t think this is the worst idea.