This has been a merch-heavy summer, with Cinnabon bucket hats, Chick-fil-A mustard watches, Sweetgreen “Professional Salad Eater” mugs, and now Dunkin’ inflatable pools. Yes, you read that right. The Dunkin’ summer merch line has inflatable pools. And that’s not all. Dunkin’s summer merch lineup includes a Dunkin’ Iced beach towel, a pickleball set, a crop top (comes in orange and pink), and an oversized pocket tee.

How to order Dunkin’ summer merch

Head to the Dunkin’ Shop, and you can have throw the Dunkin’-themed pool party of your dreams. summer merch. In this heat, that’s probably the only thing on your mind right not.

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Here’s what you’ll need to do. Start by filling the pool with water (or iced coffee if you want to go all in), and lay out the towels. Next, set up the pickleball game. This is a very important step, because I need a new hobby (apparently, wistfully skipping rocks for hours doesn’t count). You can used the orange and pink crop tops as team colors and then award the black tee to the game’s winners. Sounds like perfection to me. 

How much the Dunkin’ summer merch cost

When you see these prices, I don’t know how you’ll keep yourself from spending your entire paycheck. The Dunkin’ Iced beach towel costs $38, the pickleball set comes in at $59, the crop top (comes in orange and pink) is priced at $22 and the oversized pocket tee is $30. Don’t hesitate, because these will be gone before you know it. If you have to go into debt, it’s best if you have Dunkin’ merch to show for it.