A proud New Englander, I'm a firm believer in the statement that every season is iced coffee season. It doesn't matter if its a perfect 85 degree beach day in July, or a snowy morning in January, I'll still be downing my iced coffee faster than you can say "wicked good." And you'd better believe that it's going to be from Dunkin' Donuts. Typically, I stick to the classic iced coffee with occasionally a bit of milk or sugar, but I'm willing to be adventurous when Dunkin' releases their limited edition flavors, like the Brown Sugar Cold Brew. 

Kristen Siegel

After six weeks in Italy where there was no iced coffee to be found, my Dunkin craving was at an all-time high. Don't get me wrong, espresso shots are great and all, but I prefer to savor my coffee rather than shoot it in one burning hot gulp.

Unsurprisingly then, my first stop on the way home from Logan Airport was Dunkin' Donuts. As I pulled up to the pink and orange promised land, I noticed a sign advertising the upcoming release of a brand new Brown Sugar Cold Brew. Unwilling to leave any iced Dunkin' drink untested, I eagerly waited to give it a try. 

Not Your Average Cold Brew

Kristen Siegel

Combining that rich-coffee taste that makes Dunkin's original cold brew so popular with the sweetness of brown sugar, the new Brown Sugar Cold Brew is, in a word, incredible. I've never been a fan of flavor shots that overpower the "coffee-ness" of my drink (because God forbid my coffee actually tastes like coffee, huh?). The brown sugar syrup is so amazing because its subtle and it complements, rather than covers, the flavor of the cold brew itself. When you taste this cold brew, you don't feel like you're sipping on liquid sugar which is so refreshing. 

Since I became accustomed to drinking straight espresso in Italy, I've become a black-coffee-convert so it is very important to me that my coffee tastes good without the aid of cream and numerous sugar packets. With a slight sweetness from the syrup and coffee that doesn't taste like burnt beans, Brown Sugar Cold Brew passed this test with flying colors. Next time you have a hankering for iced coffee, grab yourself a cup before this delicious flavor is retired.