Dunkin’ has thankfully hopped on the trend of offering smooth and refreshing cold brew coffee, just in time for a hot August.

Your favorite local coffee shop has probably been busting out cold brew for years and we still love them, but there’s so much to love about your neighborhood dunks. Dunkin’ Donuts has great coffee already, but there are benefits to drinking cold brew over iced coffee.

Cold brew never goes above room temperature when it’s being made. Iced coffee, however, is brewed hot and simply poured over iced. This specialized brewing makes for a better product.

The cold brew process takes about 24 hours and much like the “low and slow” method of BBQ, it’s definitely worth the time consuming preparation. Dunkin’ has now committed to the brew, leaving customers very satisfied. And it’s waaaay better than Starbucks’ attempt.

The Dunkin’ Donuts cold brew is a little sweet, just enough that you won’t need to add any sweetener or milk. If you’re still hesitant about drinking black coffee, you can still add them free of charge (unless it’s almond milk). Starbucks pretty much charges per vowel in each order, and that vanilla sweet cream is nasty anyway.

When you’re drinking the new Dunks cold brew, you’ll feel like Gronk and Big Papi.

Oh, and for a limited time Dunks is giving you a free beverage on your next purchase when you try their cold brew. Can’t beat that.