Some may shiver at the idea of slurping up a cup of iced coffee in the middle of winter. Yes, I'm that slightly insane friend who opts for an iced coffee in January. The method to my madness? I strongly believe iced coffee is better than hot coffee.

In light of the increasing popularity of the chilled drink, and the decreasing temperatures, I'm here to show you why iced coffee is the only beverage you should be drinking (especially in the freezing temperatures). 

1. Say Goodbye to Burnt Tongues

Constantly in fear of scorching your mouth? The solution: order iced coffee the next time you venture to Starbucks. No more waiting for it to cool, and especially no more burnt tongues.

2. You Look Classier Sipping on Iced Coffee

Just stating the obvious, but drinking iced coffee looks especially classy to all onlookers. It most definitely has something to do with drinking it through a straw.

3. Iced Coffee Is Less Acidic

Research shows cold brew coffee has 67% less acid than hot coffee. As coffee grounds are brewed with hot water, oils full of acidic compounds are released. This gives it that bitter taste people associate with their hot cups of joe. Long story short: the less acidic coffee is, the healthier (and less bitter) it is for your teeth and stomach.

4. More Flavor, More Fun

Cold brew coffee is shown to be more flavorful, because it has less acid. As Guy Fieri would say, we're riding the bus to Flavortown!

5. No More Red-Hot Burns for Your Skin

We can definitely all relate to this one. Spilling coffee on yourself is not enjoyable—for you or for your clothes. On the brightside (yes, there is a brightside to spilling), your skin won't be scorched when you're covered in iced coffee.

6. It's Easier to Make At Home

Become your own coffee connoisseur and make your own cold brew. Cold brew coffee only requires a pitcher or a mason jar, and something to strain out the coffee grounds. Not only will you have homemade coffee that will stay tasty for the next 10 days, but you'll save yourself some money by not heading to Starbucks.

7. Conquer Instagram with Your Cold Brew

The possibilities are endless when it comes to your iced coffee's Instagram potential. Not only will a refreshing iced coffee lighten your mood, but it'll boost your social media game too. 

8. Iced Coffee Is a Necessity for Every Beach Babe 

Head to the beach for a relaxing day with all the essentials: a refreshing cup of iced coffee, a pair of your trendiest sunglasses and some tropical music. Enjoy your iced coffee beachside (or poolside if that's your thing).

9. Did I Mention It's Good for You?

Get ready for swimsuit season, summertime and scalding temperatures with iced coffee. A 16-ounce iced coffee at Starbucks has just five calories, zero carbs, and it's fat-free. It's too good to be true.

10. Ashton Kutcher Drinks It, So I Should Too

Curious about Ashton Kutcher's go-to Starbucks beverage? No worries, the beloved celebrity regularly orders an Iced Caramel Macchiato, according to Buzzfeed. I'll have whatever he's having. 

11. Nothing Compares to The First Sip

After a rough morning dragging yourself out of bed to class, you deserve to spend $5 on a refreshing cup of iced coffee. I swear by it. It's the perfect cure for all things fatigue, stress, or downright winter blues.

Taking your coffee iced is a growing trend. According to a study from Dunkin' Donuts, about 80% of iced coffee consumers admitted they're ordering more ice coffee now than they were the year prior.

In the same study, 56% of consumers stated they choose iced coffee over hot in this winter. Seriously, drinking coffee cold benefits you in many ways. So, to all my loyal hot coffee fanatics: Order yourself an energizing iced coffee the next time you're getting a caffeine fix.