It’s not the spring season — it’s iced coffee season. The iced coffee hibernators have emerged and everyone is out shaking their cups — the universal noise that means it’s warm again. People move from heavy jackets to light vests as their caffeinated drink of choice changes. It goes from hot coffees that burn the esophagus during the inevitable cold to the cool taste of caffeine in a matter of days. And people have opinions on where to get the best iced coffee. This is our list based on some staff opinions, Reddit, and TikTok on the best chains to get iced coffee.

6. Dutch Bros

Photo by Dutch Bros.

A writer at “What The Froth" explains how they never went to Dutch Bros because it was out of the way, but after ordering their first iced coffee, they constantly go out of their way to grab one from this chain. The Golden Eagle, a vanilla caramel coffee, is a fan favorite. The Campout cold brew is a good option for those looking for a sweeter coffee as it has hints of marshmallow in this iced mocha drink.

5. Tim Hortons

Photo by Tim Hortons

Being one of the three main brands in the coffee world, they have multiple locations where people can grab their iced cup of joe. Many people on Reddit love their iced cappuccino with a shot of vanilla and some have even added a shot of chocolate to it. Similarly to Starbucks, Tim Horton does a great cold brew that customers can alter to their liking with different flavor shots. Another user even mentions adding hazelnut and a shot of espresso to their iced coffee to add a bit of nutty essence and even cover up the strong flavor from the cold brew. 

4. Blue Bottle Coffee

Photo by 4. Blue Bottle Coffee

This chain originated in California and now has over 400 locations in the U.S. with multiple in New York City. In the shop, you can grab a pre-made iced coffee or pick one up on your way to work. Their iced coffees have received rave reviews on TripAdvisor and many different coffee blogs. Now, they are releasing a new instant espresso powder, which is the first of its kind.

3. McDonald’s

Photo by McDonald’s

The mocha Frappe from McDonalds’s McCafé line is a fan favorite for those looking for a sweet coffee. Espresso and chocolate flavors combine in this frozen drink, making it less of an iced coffee and more of a dessert-y treat. But we are not judging! Minus all the fun flavors and going back to the basics, the iced latte is a staple on their menu that customers rotate in their coffee schedule.

2. Dunkin'

Photo by Dunkin'

The caramel craze continues at Dunkin'. Every Friday at 11 a.m. my friends grab their favorite iced coffee from Dunkin'. They hop in the car, blast Taylor Swift, and go to the drive-thru window. The medium iced caramel swirl with oat milk or almond milk gives them life to get through class and brace for the weekend. For a little vanilla in your day, the french vanilla swirl iced coffee is also a popular item.

1. Starbucks

Photo by Starbucks

Ever since Starbucks became popular, there has been one classic, nay iconic, drink that everyone goes back to: Starbucks cold brew coffee with your choice of milk. My roommates even carry a large store-bought jug of it in our fridge all year round. One of my friends gets the Irish cream cold brew with a splash of 2% milk and a pump of caramel to spice up the classic cold brew.