Starting this past Monday, Crumbl announced new mini versions of its cookies — Mini Mondays! This news has been received quite well by Crumbl fans everywhere, who have long been asking for smaller versions of these rich cookies.

What’s so good about Crumbl Cookies?

Crumbl Cookies is so innovative because every week there is something new that keeps people coming back. On Mondays, new flavors of the delicious cookies are announced; this week the flavors are milk chocolate chip, confetti milkshake, galaxy brownie (so nostalgic), strawberry cupcake, snickerdoodle, and caramel praline. As you can see, there’s a good variation between typical and unique cookie flavors. The flavors also do repeat, so your favorite flavor can make a comeback.

Photo via Crumbl Cookies

One thing about Crumbl Cookies is that these sweet treats are huge. They’re about five inches in diameter and extremely dense. Once I was at a party where four Crumbl Cookies were even too much for ten people — cutting the cookie like a pie and taking a slice is plenty to get a grasp on the delicious but rich flavor. They’re so rich that Crumbl also sells a Crumbl Cookie cutter, which perfectly cuts a cookie into four equal pieces.

Because of the allure of limited-time flavors and the size of the cookie, Crumbl Cookies aren’t cheap the way that cookies from the grocery store or Insomnia Cookies are. One cookie costs $5, a four pack costs $18, a six pack costs $25, and a dozen costs $48.

How can I buy mini Crumbl Cookies?

For all of these reasons, fans have wanted a way to enjoy Crumbl Cookies on a lesser scale. With Mini Mondays, these sweet-treat lovers have finally got what they wanted.

“Well, you Crumbl fanatics, you Crumbl maniacs, you guys have been requesting this for such a long time,” Crumbl’s owner and operator José Martinez said.

The mini Crumbl Cookies are about a third of the size of a regular cookie, according to the Crumbl website. Although, the math is not mathing when it comes to price. A three-pack of minis goes for $9.99, which doesn’t make sense if the mini is a third of the size of a regular cookie, and a regular cookie costs $4.99. However, I suppose that the three-pack of minis is still cost effective since you get to try more flavors, and a regular four pack is $18.

You can buy the mini Crumbls the same way you’d buy the regular ones at your nearest Crumbl Cookies location, either in-stores or by delivery. Monday is now officially going to be the biggest sweet treat day of all. Try the new Crumbl flavors and get them in mini form? Sign me up.