Since summer, students and residents of Gainesville have eagerly anticipated the grand opening of the corporate cookie company made famous on social media during the COVID-19 pandemic, Crumbl Cookies. But just as December came into the year, so did the viral cookie shop at Butler Town Center on Southwest Archer Road.

Jared Teitel


Six years ago, Crumbl Cookies started as a small shop by two entrepreneurs in Northeast Utah. Unique for its creative cookie confections such as Fruity Pebbles, french toast, cornbread, and everything bagel, Crumbl multiplied to more than 800 locations across the country. 

July, North-Florida-based real-estate organization Butler Enterprises announced the construction of Crumbl Cookies at Butler Plaza, at last bringing the rapidly growing cookie shop to Gainesville. 

This month's grand opening of the store in Gainesville comes just after a soft launch on Thursday, Nov. 30, and an appearance from the Mayor's Office, said Crumbl.

Jared Teitel

Grand Opening 

At 8 a.m. Sunday, Dec. 1, black, white, and pink balloons were blown up and plexiglass doors swung open as the first customers of Gainesville's Crumbl Cookies entered to taste the treats of the week.

Jared Teitel

Among the flavors rounding the location's first menu were old-time favorites: 

- Milk Chocolate Chip 

- Lemon Poppyseed 

- Caramel Shortbread 

But also eligible for order were some holiday surprises: 

- Gingerbread cake 

- Chocolate crumb cake 

- Chocolate raspberry truffle 

Customers who came in with the Crumbl Cookies app downloaded to their mobile devices received a free milk chocolate chip cookie, courtesy of Crumbl employee Peyton Strohmenger. 

"The line was out the door, all the way out to Joann (Fabrics and Crafts)," she said about the 8 a.m. opening. 

Jared Teitel

Anna Braswell and her partner were some of the early-rising Gainesville residents who made their way to the opening. As a UF law student, she said Crumbl will become the go-to study snack she needs at this time. 

"We've been waiting for this," she said, "and it just so happened it opened on my birthday." 

A Crumbl enthusiast since 2019, Braswell said she was glad to share a birthday with her favorite cookie company, walking away with a multi-pack to snack on as she prepares for the Florida Bar.

After just one day, Crumbl Cookies' opening in Gainesville predicts popularity with a college crowd craving sweet treats. Staff said they believe Crumbl may create stiff competition for neighboring cookie stores like Insomnia Cookies and Midnight Cookies