Ever since Insomnia Cookies opened on Main Street, it has become a daily struggle for many not to ruin their healthy streak. The fact that Insomnia is open and delivers warm cookies to your door until 3 AM makes it nearly impossible to ignore. (There is even a cookie tracker for the impatient ones out there.) How long can you fight this cookie craving? Well, I dare you to read on without placing an order.

Insomnia Cookies

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1. Chocolate Chunk

It’s not a surprise that this classic cookie is one of the most ordered here. Insomnia’s chocolate chunk definitely does the popular flavor justice. It’s not overly sugary, but will still do the job in satisfying any chocolate lover.

2. S’mores Deluxe

Many agree that these are the most addicting. A campfire s’more transformed into a warm cookie, it includes graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallow. What makes it even better is that as one of Insomnia’s Deluxe Cookies, it is jumbo-sized.

Insomnia Cookies

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3. Cookie a la Mode

What can be better than a delicious cookie? When you add some ice cream right on top. When you order Cookie a la Mode, you select your favorite cookie, ice cream flavor, and toppings. They go above and beyond by making sure that the cookie stays piping hot underneath the ice cream.

4. Cookie Cake

This option is perfect for a movie night with your friends after a long week. The Cookie Cake at Insomnia is nine inches of your favorite cookie. Not only is it giant, but you can customize your very own by picking the flavor and toppings.